Youtube video you have made


My vlogging continues, and this episode you can follow my adventures in Antarctica:


A lot of great shots there. Fun to watch!


A tropical juggling convention in Germany



Last night I started uploading a video ranting about graphic design during ATP tennis matches. I woke up this morning and I knew it must have finished uploading and auto-published because adverts for tennis stuff appeared in my Facebook feed.



I made a new episode of my not frequently updated “Should I Toon In” series on youtube after seeing Despicable Me 3. I’m pretty pleased with how this video came out, few good gags, and I think one of my better “stingers” I’ve put at the end of a video.


Just a chill time lapse.




New series!

It’s not gonna be as popular as Steven Universe Universe, but I enjoy making it.


Don’t want to clog up the media analysis thread with updates to my magical girl history series, so will post any future updates here instead. First full episode of Mahou Profile is now up! Check it out if you want to learn cool stuff about the early history of anime! :stuck_out_tongue: The two main topics of discussion are Hakujaden (Tale of the White Serpent) and Princess Knight.


Who wants to see a 24 minute deep dive on a single juggling trick?

It’s one of the most famous single juggling tricks of the 20th century, and of course my own version is included at the end. I put way more time and effort into this video than is helpful to anyone, including tracking down never-before-published video footage. At least the juggling history nerds will enjoy it!


Took just about three months to finish this video due to multiple interruptions, but it’s finally done! If you’ve ever heard that anime factoid “Sally the Witch was the first magical girl anime!” but don’t know anything about the show itself? I have got you covered. This covers the premise and characters of the show, some key episodes, the production history, and several related bits of ephemera. I even managed to sneak in a mini-review of Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still (since Sally/Sunny makes an appearance in it).


I tried a new style of moviemaking for me; a video essay!

This took waaaay more time and effort than vlogging, which is just point a camera at me and talking, and editing it later. This took four days of writing, recording a temporary voice track, then finding enough footage to fill 13 minutes of video illustrating the points, filming the graphics part. Then editing like crazy for two days. Then doing another two editing passes on the script. Then re-recording the final voiceover, then re-editing all the footage to fit the timing of that, which was slower paced than the first track. Then tweaks and levels and fiddly bits.

The first plan was to find music to fit behind it all, but I decided that after one week of hard work, DONE was more important than PERFECT or anywhere close to good enough to satisfy my perfectionist tendencies (which is impossible anyway).

But I’m super proud of it, and now if anyone in the juggling community that disagrees with me on this topic wants to get anyone to listen to them, they’ll have to put in the same effort into their rebuttal. Which they won’t. So I win.


I watched it before you posted it here. It’s good. I agree with you.


I watched it since you posted it here. It’s good and I agree with your points, I went from not knowing anything about performance juggling to having strong opinions about the Moschen Triangle and the Kennedy Cone.


Forgot to post this here! Who wants to spend 35 minutes learning about he first transforming magical girl? :grinning::ribbon::sparkles:


More vintage magical girl goodness! And this one is particularly wild. I had a ton of fun putting this together. It’s amazing to me that this show isn’t more well-known, either in a positive or negative sense!


I mostly made this video to test out some color correction/grading stuff in Premiere.