Youtube video you have made

This one took way too long to make due to a variety of life circumstances, but it’s finally done! This is probably the most buckwild of the old magical girl shows I’ve yet seen. And may ever see. Sasuga, Tezuka…

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Excited about this~! You’re only just starting and this is already one of my favorite things on Youtube.

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CW; replica fire arms and military kit. If it is too much for people let me know and I can take it down.

My silly toy gun team in Japan has a new video. You might see my lanky form hiding behind a car. the video doesn’t show my cool dive that got me three kills and a dislocated shoulder.

Edit; If people like this I can stick up more, there is a few more on our channel. Oh and I don’t get to choose the names :S


Quarantine, day 101: things getting weird

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That’s absolutely terrifying, thank you for posting it.

This is good shit.

The viewer may have noticed the audio progressively desyncs in the previous video. This was due to a 29.97 vs. 30 fps conversion error. It has been rectified:

We regret the error.

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29.97 is the literally devil and I want it to disappear from this earth.


Did you write eye-tracking software?

Face tracking. :expressionless:


Sorry, I know the typing noises are annoying. I’ll work on it.


I’ve been waiting for this. I think I’m going to try it.


Vine died, so that they could all live.

I’m actually hoping this doesn’t become big like TikTok. Lately I’m liking making stuff on smaller platforms.

My favorite short I’ve seen during the beta.

YouTube shorts now available to all. I’m trying it out.

Young Rym would have said “I’m gonna make one a week!”

Aged Rym: “I’m going to make some of these when I feel it.”

I’m starting up an art channel. Just made my first video, where I pencil one of my D&D characters and talk through the process: