The catchall category for everything. If you're not sure where it goes, it probably goes here. Literally anything not covered by a real topic.


Official forum threads for episodes of GeekNights and show-related discussion.

Video Games

Games played on computers, consoles, or brain implants.


Phones, PCs, arduinos and ham radios: all the practical or real-world applications of the fruits of science.


Music of all kinds, all genres. Death Metal and Bebop next to Filk and Rachmaninoff.

Board Games

Tabletop orthogames, german board games, card games, etc...


Sportsball! Athletic orthogames like football, hockey, baseball, basketball, F1, etc...


Movies of all kinds that aren't best categorized as "anime". Classic cinema, garbage B movies, etc...


Actual political discussion and discourse. If you want to argue in bad faith or be a devil's advocate, go over to Flamewars instead.


Art you have created wish to discuss from an artistic perspective. Illustrations, crafts, models: whatever!


Animation from or generally associated with Japan. No one is interested in arguing with you about what "counts" as anime or not. If you feel like it's anime, talk about it here.


Wanna start a fight? Argue in bad faith? Be an insufferable pedant? Let's roll.


Travel to hotels or convention centers where like-minded individuals enjoy a shared experience related to their hobbies or work.


Actual science discussions, like astronomy, biology, physics, and space travel. If you don't think it goes here, it probably goes in Technology instead.

Forum Meta

Yo dawg. If you want to talk about the forum itself. Suggestions, complaints, or just ridiculous pedantry.


Comics, graphic novels, manga: anything that involves sequential illustrated storytelling.

Role Playing Games

Role playing games like Burning Wheel or Dungeons & Dragons.