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Mission accomplished!

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Hey, i’m Mia, 1980, so figure out the age! Long time podcast listener, short time lurker of this forum. Looking to learn and share more ideas with some likeminded geekies like myself :grin:


Hello fellow 1980 person.

Hi all! I’m A.J. Brandon, a (moderately) long time listener. I’m big into movies/TV, love cooking, and am very deeply interested in board games and game design in general.

I was born in 91, went to school for welding, was briefly a lumberjack, managed a board game store and currently work for a board game publisher.


Welcome A.J. Feel free to hook us up with those board game industry scoops.


Hi. Im JR, ex-toxic geek fanboy and now moved on to passively liking a bunch of anime, comics, video games and some toys.

Ive listened to the show on and off since around 2005.

I was born in 82 and used to be in sales and am currently a data analyst.


Welcome fellow ‘82 borderline old millenial nerd.

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My name is Tia. 25 as of Dec 4 2020. I used to want to be a big streamer but I am content running my small LGBT fighting game server. I’m trans and a mess. I used to work for T*sla, I now work in cannabis cultivation.
ACAB, fuck capitalism.


Hey everyone! I’m Brandon, since 1979. I’m a freelance comic book artist and illustrator. Some of you may remember me from the old forum a loooooooooong way back. I dunno why, but I’m feeling a little social right now, and thought I’d drop back in on what was pretty much my online home for years. Looks like a lot of the old faces are still around, so that’s awesome!

Aside from drawing, I’m big into martial arts; mostly brazilian jiu jitsu (which I was teaching before covid shook everything up), but also judo, and a bit of muay thai and boxing – and tabletop RPGs (usually GMing; I run D&D 5e and Savage Worlds.) And of course the usual nerdy stuff like comics, animation, and video games. And I also just started a Youtube channel where I’ll be posting live drawing and instructional materials – that’s a new adventure that I’m very excited about!

Looking forward to meeting and re-meeting you all!


Welcome back!

We’ve got a thread for your YouTube videos right over here: Youtube video you have made

Hey Scott! Good to see you! And thanks for the heads up on that thread, I’ve posted my one video! :smiley:

My name is Paula from from the Kansas area. I’m new to forums but I’ve been listening to the podcast since '2016-ish. I really like the tech talk and I usually find the topics interesting and insightful. My interests, in no particular order, board games, cooking, biking, hiking, programming, books, and camping.


Welcome to the party!

Emily and I are getting more and more extreme in our hiking, and we’ve got good backpack camping kit now. Expect a lot of opening bits about this come spring :wink:

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Bikenights - classic
Trikenights - when Scott gets old
Hikenights - new hobby
Spikenights - Cowboy Bepop episodes
Strikenights - workers unite
Counterstrikenights - 1.6 or CS:GO?
Shrikenights - review Hyperion, cowards
Pikenights - medieval weaponry
Christlikenights - Rym finds God


Hi - first post here, because I follow the rules. I’m Chris from the UK, also a child of '82. Been a listener for about 3 years now, its kept me going through the pandemic. I work in IT, subject matter expert in a number of systems for a large public sector organisation. PC Gamer since '94, I can credit my IT skills and career it it. Also a keen runner, cyclist, tabletop gamer, woodworker, petrolhead and whisky and ale drinker.

The thing that really keeps my listening to the podcast is that more often than not, I’m having the same thoughts as Rym and Scott about tech, and the many other subjects talked about. Its nice to know others take things to the same level of detail as I try to do. I got to the point where after an episode I just want to talk about what was said.


The mechanism design behind Christianity-like religions.

Eh, I preferred “Heuristics of Jesus.”

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Welcome Swanny!

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