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So I’m having a little moment right now and I’m going to try and share it here.

Many years ago, when I was in highschool and when youtube was new I was just sort of starting to get into the swing of internet video any time. Today I found this…like list of videos I’ve favourited, I guess it was bigger then. because it’s not been added to since 2009. But each video here I remember as something my teenage self thought was worth saving. Among them was this:

TL:DW it’s a “speedrun” from 2006 of SMB1. By modern standards it’s atrocious. I can probably get pretty close to this guys time. Back in highschool though I passed this video around like candy. Everyone was so impressed: “He never stops moving forward!” my friends and I exclaimed in so much admiration. It’s just a moment of how far we’ve come and really appreciating that. It’s a nice feeling.


Silvagunner did a “high quality rip” of the Gaylord commercial.




My latest book on tape to listen to while commuting is

  1. occasionally there are sentences of pure gold here that should be spoken more.

  2. occationally there are weird sentences and statements that I feel like I need to write multiple paragraphs to either justify or explain why they are absolutely incorrect.

Honestly a good ride though. The core of the message so far is stoic, and I’m alright with that. He does preach tolerance, but not necessarily the tolerance we need today. He makes ill remarks at women and there’s definitely some things about non-citizens and slaves. If you can sieve though it, I think we could use some more classical stoicism tempered buy modern understanding. I constantly find myself agreeing with one line and disagreeing with another. Kinda rough when it would take me a paragraph to refute a sentence, an essay to refute a paragraph properly. But there’s something good in there.





I read Meditations a couple of years ago. For all the things that are problematic by today’s standards I was always struck by just how modern his thoughts are. Or maybe it should be that human thought really hasn’t changed as much as we think in the last 2000 years.


I imagine an emperor then had a lot more freedom to actually think about the how’s and why’s like we do today, but I doubt most people had the resources and desire.


The YouTube channel Rhystic Studies has been going for a while, but only today I got into it after its proprietor posted a 50 minute video on the cardframes used in Magic the Gathering.

However, instead of this, I am going to feature a shorter but nonetheless excellent video about one of the primary focuses of the channel, Magic artwork:


“You’re going to punch a lot of tits”


Check out @rustlefunk’s Tweet:


Those guys were on the pulse!



Those guys are on the pulse too!


I know this guy and he is legit with his books, now he is porting some of the ideas to video.




It appears I am going to be doing 2 panels at awesome con, action castle and my Asian board game panel. Looks like my weekend just got busy.


Gothamist lives!