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The How To Avoid Hugs video has now passed 20 million views just with the Yahoo posting on Facebook, plus another 7 million on some other posts (by LadBible, etc).

My thing of the last few days is Juliane, who features in the video, constantly looking up what that single number compares to in terms of population. It’s passed the total population of Romania, but isn’t quite bigger than the population of the two biggest cities in China, Shanghai and Beijing.

I’m putting this here because it is genuinely one of the most interesting long term storylines in wrestling (for my money ever). Here’s an explanation of the Golden Lovers, who recently reunited and for the first time performed as a team again this weekend. Unfortunately it’s in the twitter threading format which is a bit annoying to read,

New motherboard, and my machine is back up and running with no issues. Don’t think I’ll buy an MSI board again. Plus, didn’t break my streak of First-time successful POST and Boot.

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When it came to gaming news my go-to site had always been Eurogamer. Now they have been bought up by Reed pop.

Not sure how I feel about this.

Making a monpoly of gaming cons.

EDIT: Oh, that includes Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Yeah, I can’t say I’ve had any bad experiences with ReedPOP, and I don’t know anyone else who has, nor do I have any concrete reasons to be wary beyond the generic “It’s a large company” - but it’s still pretty suss having what amounts to a promotional and production company buying a media group.

Ohio River has flooded due to all the recent rain. I think this deserves a Pulitzer.


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Credit where credit’s due, I got this from Banta, so all down to his excellent internet skimming - But I went in thinking this would be bollocks, but it turns out, it’s kind of an interesting and well-argued video.

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Mother’s Basement has some good videos, especially his breakdowns of opening credit sequences and fight scenes.

Actual TYD:

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You could have told me that was the actual Coachella poster and I would have believed you.

I made a song.

It’s a cool toy. :smiley:

Just needs some vocals now.

Weird Al x Hamiliton

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