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Man, I give lmnc a lot of props for all of the crazy DIY synths he makes and how willing he is to push the envelope, but his awful disregard for his own safety and the way he carries himself makes me dislike him greatly.


This video is SOOO annoying. Not the fact that the presenter has an annoying on-screen personality (though he has), but that this is such a good idea, and the thumbnail raises expectations so high, and then the final video is so bad and the music so inspiring… and the good idea is wasted on someone who did a bad job with it.

Now if someone makes a really good Furby Choir Organ and makes a decent video with decent music, it’ll be dismissed as merely a copy and not worth sharing.

I hate badly executed genius ideas!


Here’s an instrument that’s far less annoying.







Here’s a much better DIY use for Furby that doesn’t sound like the portal to R’lyeh being opened. (He even improved on Furby’s voice!)



So apparently this exists and Psychostick went there.


One of my videos currently has 3.1 million views.


Damn freebooters


Nah, I get credited for this and will be paid through a video licensing service.


Oh…nevermind kudos.




Since I guess I haven’t shared this before, songs from Industrial Musicals.


“My Bathroom” will always be the greatest song ever.
It should be a Disney song, IMO.