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Continuation of this thread from the original forum! It had 276,000 views 27,700 comments.

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This thread is to post any cool things you stumble across on the internet such as: Youtube videos, Articles, Picture Galleries, etc… that you dont think deserve their own thread due to the fact that there is little to discuss about them.

I made this because while “Funny videos” was a good idea for a thread it was too specific and most of the “look at this cool video” threads are lost into the archives quite quickly.

Should anyone liken this to a channel site I will fire my lazer at them!

Can someone please post the instructions for posting Youtubes; I can never get the damn thing to work.

To start us off here’s something I thought was cool [will turn it to embedded when someone posts instructions]
Senju Kannon: The 1000 handed god of mercy


I learned the history of the Bella Ciao song. It was an Italian anti-fascist partisan song during the Italian Civil War amidst World War 2. It evolved since to become a global anti-fascist anthem.

I find myself humming it these days.


Another version

It was famously performed by the Red Star Army Chorus.


Oo, fancy new Thing of the Day thread~ :open_mouth::sparkles:

Thing that made my day recently was a fantastic video essay on The Beginner’s Guide and how it relates to semiotics, death of the author, and enunciation theory. Well-written, well-presented, insightful, and accessible even if you don’t know any of the literary theories being discussed! Though, I would recommend playing The Beginner’s Guide before watching (it’s only about an hour and a half to play). Apart from the game itself being a powerful experience, it also just makes the essay easier to follow.


So Rym, interesting thing happened a few days ago. My nonna was at the house for christmas, So I was humming Bella Ciao! and she started singing along! This got me flexing my Italian muscles trying to learn where she first heard it and what it meant to her. She predates WWII and she first heard it when she was very young at her church. My italian isn’t super good so I couldn’t find the right words to really learn what It meant to her. I intend to peruse this avenue further in the presence of my mother where the language barrier is non existent.


You may be interested in this Pete Seeger recording of Arirang, a song of Korean resistance to Japanese occupation in WWII


This seems up some people’s alleys, @Rym.


That’s some vintage internet right there.


Let’s try out this new fangled forum. I came across this video the other day on accident. It’s Fur Elise played in a Ragtime sort of style. This really makes me want to hear more classica/ragtime mashups.


It’s dumb Internet, but I can’t watch this video without losing my shit. Hell, I had trouble posting this because I was laughing.


First Video Essay to watch for the year is pretty god damn incredible. Lindsay is so talented. That ending is poooooowerful.


Pretty good mix of crazy skill and wacky humor.


Yes, this really happened.


I can personally verify that the Hollywood sign is currently in that state. No, I didn’t take a picture; I was driving.



From the official Megaman Facebook account via Pegu


Cats doing pin-up girl impressions. Slightly NSFW.


Thank you @Rochelle, for this hilarious unending nightmare channel.

I give you: Shitty Flute


That is the best channel. Your wife pointed me to it when I linked Take On Me.


Stolen from reddit. That being said this had me cackling like a mad thing.


Martin Janecky, who makes glass sculptures. This guy’s amazing.