Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)


The latest track from Muse is the most Muse Muse have been for a while:

I love how Muse are utterly unapologetic about taking stupid concepts to their extremes. Like doing an entire album called “Drones” just so they could have a reason to fly drones above the audience during the shows on their arena tour.

And now they seem to be going all in on cheesy 80’s video game imagery for “Simulation Theory”, like with the Outrun video above. I really hope this means crazy Tron-like VR/AR antics on their next tour.

I also think this piano cover is just about as good as the original. It shows just how much Muse is influenced by classical music as much as rock and synth pop:


I have a question not about music. I’ve seen this recently, or at least noticed it recently. People using “are” when to my ear “is” is more appropriate. Mostly I notice it about companies - “Apple are releasing a new blah blah”, “Google are banning such and such”. Luke does it a couple times here:

But then you go the other way here!

Is this a British thing?


Most of my UK co-workers use plurals when describing named groups of people, while I and everyone in the US use singular to refer to said named group.

I also notice that most of my UK co-workers use the words within an acronym/initialism rather than the pronounced acronym or initialism letters.

E.g., where NMD stands for Network Management Department

An NMD initiative…
A Network Management Department initiative…

A NMD initiative… (long A).
A Network Management Department initiative…


Actually it was going to be “they” and “are” all the way through, but the last one I originally typed “Matt Bellamy” but didn’t want to pick him out as the only composer (though probably is) so switched it to the band name.

But yeah, it’s a British vs American thing. I saw a T-shirt that read “Nickleback Sucks” and I was wondering why it shouldn’t be “Nickleback Suck”.

Also recently there was some weirdness with ABBA is releasing a new album vs ABBA are releasing a new album. It is a singular band, but the letters stand for individual members, so shouldn’t it be collective?


Matchess is very relaxing and deep.

Maston sounds enchanting.

Black Moth Super Rainbow, it’s good for you.


New Thrice fucking rips


CG is great, but this riff is basically a re-Bootsy.



I guess I’ll ask this here because I can’t seem to find a dedicated Hip-Hop thread: Did Adam WarRock stop making music?

I haven’t listened to his stuff in a couple of years though I bought a couple of his albums and caught up on his free music a couple of times a year before that. He jumped back to my mind recently and thought I should get back on that horse. I just tried looking up some of his stuff but the newest post on his tumblr is two years old. The most recent post linking to free music is even older and deadlinks onto “adamwarrock.com” which hardly has any good information either. Wikipedia also gives a “years active” as 2010-2016.


Insecure Season 3’s music is all sorts of great R&B/HipHop/Trap/Soul music that has me just feeling good and groovin’ to the beat.

I took most of the songs on here:

and made into a playlist that has been on repeat.

A few favs:
Amber Mark - Love is Stronger Than Pride
Kaytranada - Together
Ravyn Lenae - Sticky
Saweetie - ICY GRL
Ty Dolla $ign - So Am I
Cautious Clay - Cold War
Tess Henley - Better
Mahalia - Sober

There are still a few more episodes this season, so there will definitely be more songs added.


I don’t know any more than you, but now I’m curious. Try searching Twitter?


Another show from The Escapist makes a return after its original owners took the site back–The Escapist Presents. Its first new episode in two years is a music video from Animaphonics.


I dig Alt-J normally, and hey have been throwing up some collaborative remixes lately, which have been hit and miss.

But this one vibes out, and has a cool animated music video:


Anyone recognize this cartoon?


Silly Symphony Flowers and Trees.


Well, was watching some progression videos and got caught on this 1 in particular. Not just because the progression are well demonstrated, the music is :ok_hand:t5:

Tried for at least 30 mins to find the person who mixed it, but no luck.

The original is so good.



This band fucking slaps


Political music with a crazy loud brass band !


New Macross 82-99 album.

Of course they are playing one night only in Brooklyn when I’m out of town T_T


Muse have stepped it up with their latest song and video release:

So I knew they were going for 80’s movies inspired antics for this album/tour, but I didn’t think the main theme of a video would be the movie Critters. Starring Terry Crews.

Also I see now that, with the running order of the album, that each track will have a video and they will lead into each other, and the whole album will be a feature-length-ish movie in its own right. I guess if you are one of the biggest bands in the world you can do shit like this just because you happen to be digging Stranger Things.