Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)




@Rochelle posted this video a year ago, but if you listened to today’s US Senate hearings it will make you feel better - at least for a few minutes. Such a great video and song.




The Prodigy is still alive?


That’s what I was thinking when I saw this.


Yup new album coming out this year. I am excite.


Welp. I guess my bitch got smacked up.



I’ve been listening to this clip on repeat for I don’t know how many days now .




Synth band Gunship goes all-in on their influences with full-on 80s movie reference mania, made of a refreshingly and I’d dare say heartwarming montage of fan-made sweded scenes to go along with a rather motivating and encouraging song that, yes, references the Breakfast Club.

No I didn’t choose the thumbnail.



Fukkk Offf is back.



Pertubator might be the one act I most regret missing lately. Especially as he’s ostensibly stepped away from traditional Synthwave since then. But judging by this latest cut, he isn’t exactly changing his MO or vibe.

If Doomguy entered the Twisted Metal competition so he could get a vacation to Miami, this might be the result:


Are we already familiar with Maxo here? Maxo got me out of a long period of not listening to any music a few years ago.

At the time (2014 or so, I think) I really wanted to hear something with a lot of early to mid-2000’s video game samples manipulated and used by someone with a Chaos Mind, not just DJ Cutman EDM kitsch. I didn’t hear that for a couple of years, and then I found Maxo. So I started listening to music again.




Happy Samhain!


Humming this all day really improved my mood at work.