Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)



Hey now, this is a thing:



cute song and interesting twist on a video about a couple.


Has anyone heard of a game called Calculords? I’ve only heard of it today through Auralnauts, who produced the soundtrack for the upcoming sequel, and it’s EPIC AS FUCK!


Yeah I saw that this morning and while I dunno anything about that game, the sounds are dope.



Ka strikes again in this collaboration album that somehow merges lryical rap, spaced out melodic production, and Greek Mythology.

If this tickles your tocks, and you haven’t already, go back and give Honor Killed the Samurai a shot.


Gangastagrass. Exactly what it sounds like.


Oh man! I’ve seen them play live at Funk-n-Waffles, it’s was a pretty awesome show!


Disclosure are back!!!


Gavin Dunne made another great song. He takes a break from his standard metal for a bit and makes a country song for Fallout 76.


Crash Thompson released a new album called The GarageBand Demos with a few sample tracks. This is my favorite so far.


R.I.P. Burt Reynolds


Is this the definitive “Boom Boom”?


I think I’ll review the new Devil Makes Three for Feedback.


Yotam Perel released his latest album today. This is his first time releasing a full album on YouTube.


So, Sometimes I realize not everyone is an exact copy of me and doesn’t know everything I know. So I realize some people here may have not heard the lovely Hopsin.

This song helped me get through some tough times my final year of school. When I was on the verge of failing out and had to somehow pull it together. Apparently what works for me is being yelled at. I can’t relate very well with the latter 2/3 of the song because I’m not a woman or black. The first part though, addressed at like teenage dudes while not a perfect fit, was a thing I used to motivate myself to get shit done.

I hadn’t listened to it in a few years but Hopsin recently came across my radar as he was mentioned by name on Eminem’s new album and reacted in a surprisingly wholesome way. It’s like 40 seconds, just watch it.



I’m definitely not a big fan of Hopsin, but his reaction was dope and I’m glad he got clout from Em.

Recently had a mid-2000’s nostalgia bomb, and had to bust out my old music folders from then. So much terrible. Some good.

Then there’s this: