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That is indeed a floofy cat.

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Wow, I didn’t know they taught classes online. I always see advertisements for performances here in NYC.

Welcome to the forum!

Ahhh, a fellow train cabin aficionado. :wink:

When Emily and I travel upstate, we like to take Amtrak in a private cabin. I really enjoy the terrifying efficiency of those spaces.

Hello. My name is Ben. I live and work in denver county. I went to school at colorado school of mines…twice actually, my mistake. I now work on building enterprise cloud software and stuff. Kubernetes stuff, moving words from one location to another location, all sorts of things.

I found this forum because of some of the talks I found on youtube, I found them quite interesting and good. I play a lot of games in my days, board games, video games, tabletop rpgs. Some of that has decreased due to estrangement from previous communities(mostly from distance type considerations), as well as difficulties forming new connections(more hard recently). But more then even playing games, I do a lot of reading about games, and when I can discussing them.

I also read other things, I read(and listen to) a lot of history recently as well. Podcasts and such are a great source, but occasionally reading internet discussion and articles. I find them tripply interesting, in terms of what I learn about the world and my place in it and how people interact with other people, about what I learn about pieces of cultural knowledge that have weight and can be used to draw upon feelings/emotions in narratives, in how they are/can be in themselves interesting narratives that are both cool to experience and help me learn/find pieces I can insert into narratives I write.

Not entirely sure what my future objectives are, at one point I had medium term goals of travelling(to a gamecom like gencon, and to any place not on the american continent), but both have been put out of mind at the moment. I hope to be able to interact with yall well, have good interactions, maybe form community/connections, gain understandings/knowledge and experience, and/or be able to share my understandings/knowledge and experience.

I also have questions(It seems like this is the best place to put them).

  1. ) It seems like most, if not all, threads seem to be very long and unwieldy. I presume this comes from the rule desire “keep it tidy”, but it also means discussion topics seem to be easily as much as 4 years old with 200-300+ posts. Is there some encouraged way to deal with and interact with it that makes understanding this community and people’s patterns easier, or that I should understand things? Like, there’s some levels of philosophy here I feel I’m missing/can’t unambiguously determine. (when is it appropriate to create a new thread? when should I seek to outpour things elsewhere or seek to fit the model of another thread/discussion).
  1. To the degree this is a community, I’m not entirely sure I understand it. Like, I’ve seen some of the talks on rym’s channel, but obviously this forum is something different. This connects(to my understanding) to the geeknight podcast(which I haven’t had the chance to listen to), but the theming of the days also seems to indicate that while there exists a podcast, it seems to organize something to the degree of a social club with events/congregations that doesn’t fit the “content/audience” model, or the “this is a forum for people who like x thing, but is related to a group of people who like a thing rather then a purposely driven community” that often gets attached to things like podcasts. I need to look more into this, but does that sound right?
  2. I feel like I heard something about a discord, did I mishear discord?
  3. the link here " to keep this a clean, well-lighted place for civilized public discourse" is broken.
  4. Why is the podcast named geeknight and the forum called “front row crew” I presume there’s a connection here, but is it purposely to be distinct(aka this isn’t as related to the podcast as I thought, doesn’t want to be), or is there an interesting origin to the name?
  5. is this too many questions, am I getting too intense here?
  6. I see reference to payment and renewals in the TOS, what’s that about?

Welcome Ben!

  1. Don’t be afraid to make a new thread. Worst case if there’s an existing thread for your topic, we will merge your posts into it. No big deal. Don’t feel bad if that happens. There’s no way you could know all the existing threads, especially since some of them have weird names for historic reasons.

  2. This is a community of people who discovered this community, most of whom at least at one point, listened to the GeekNights podcast. Funnily enough, many/most of the people here don’t listen? I’m not exactly sure. We don’t do market research because we don’t sell ads.

2a) A lot of the stuff on this forum is just people commenting on the content we produce or discussing current events. The best content here is when people make a thread that becomes their own mini-blog. For example or pro-wrestling, history, and KPop threads are excellent deep dives into particular areas of interest for some of our community members. That’s what it’s really all about. Enjoying all the nerdy things in life, even if you focus on one more than the others. If you have something you are deeply enthusiastic and knowledgeable about, please make a thread and share your geekiness with the rest of us.

  1. Discord here →

  2. I’ll figure that one out.

  3. The Front Row Crew is the name of our nerdy friend group from college in the early 2000s. Rym and I are members of the this crew. We produce and host a podcast that is called GeekNights. The URL of the web site for the podcast is

  4. No such thing as too many questions.

  5. That TOS you read is the default terms of service that come pre-loaded into the forum software we are using which is Discourse (not to be confused with the previously mentioned Discord). The thing you probably actually care about is our code of conduct. If you want to learn about that, we have a whole thread about it. Also thank you for reminding me about it, because I have to finish it up and move it to the non-draft stage, although it will always be a living document.

Final note: I harp on this a lot, but always be aware that everything posted here is publicly visible to the world forever. This post I’m making right now will show up in Google search results.

Any reason you particularly brought this up now?(mentioning school or location? Something else?) I know it’s a thing people have opinions about it(a lot driven by fear which to some degree I’ve ended up being driven by other people’s fear drive), which I’ve in some degree tried to ignore(both because of my own personal sense of value in transparency and honesty, and because like, I think I try to be conscious about being too risk averse.).

  1. Funnily enough, many/most of the people here don’t listen?

this is like, a super common pattern.

Not to speak for Scott but I think it’s just a good thing to know going in that you shouldn’t post anything here you’re not ok with having on the internet, indexed by google, and preserved possibly forever. This exact issue has come up before, where people get comfortable with people here as friends and divulge things that they’d only divulge to friends.

That said I’d also like to welcome you here.


Yeah, what Naoza said. It’s just non-obvious, so whenever I remember to remind people, I do so.

I’m Mottel. Born in 1991. Mottelz on most internet things. Finished school for Computer Science and currently teaching in Montreal while job hunting. I like a lot of nerd shit but haven’t had a lot of time to get into stuff since getting married and starting up a life.

Discovered the podcast after a friend recommended the Take Your Fucking Turn talk to our boardgaming group. It helped me speed up a little.


Mission accomplished!

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Hey, i’m Mia, 1980, so figure out the age! Long time podcast listener, short time lurker of this forum. Looking to learn and share more ideas with some likeminded geekies like myself :grin:


Hello fellow 1980 person.

Hi all! I’m A.J. Brandon, a (moderately) long time listener. I’m big into movies/TV, love cooking, and am very deeply interested in board games and game design in general.

I was born in 91, went to school for welding, was briefly a lumberjack, managed a board game store and currently work for a board game publisher.


Welcome A.J. Feel free to hook us up with those board game industry scoops.


Hi. Im JR, ex-toxic geek fanboy and now moved on to passively liking a bunch of anime, comics, video games and some toys.

Ive listened to the show on and off since around 2005.

I was born in 82 and used to be in sales and am currently a data analyst.


Welcome fellow ‘82 borderline old millenial nerd.

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My name is Tia. 25 as of Dec 4 2020. I used to want to be a big streamer but I am content running my small LGBT fighting game server. I’m trans and a mess. I used to work for T*sla, I now work in cannabis cultivation.
ACAB, fuck capitalism.


Hey everyone! I’m Brandon, since 1979. I’m a freelance comic book artist and illustrator. Some of you may remember me from the old forum a loooooooooong way back. I dunno why, but I’m feeling a little social right now, and thought I’d drop back in on what was pretty much my online home for years. Looks like a lot of the old faces are still around, so that’s awesome!

Aside from drawing, I’m big into martial arts; mostly brazilian jiu jitsu (which I was teaching before covid shook everything up), but also judo, and a bit of muay thai and boxing – and tabletop RPGs (usually GMing; I run D&D 5e and Savage Worlds.) And of course the usual nerdy stuff like comics, animation, and video games. And I also just started a Youtube channel where I’ll be posting live drawing and instructional materials – that’s a new adventure that I’m very excited about!

Looking forward to meeting and re-meeting you all!


Welcome back!

We’ve got a thread for your YouTube videos right over here: Youtube video you have made

Hey Scott! Good to see you! And thanks for the heads up on that thread, I’ve posted my one video! :smiley: