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My name is Paula from from the Kansas area. I’m new to forums but I’ve been listening to the podcast since '2016-ish. I really like the tech talk and I usually find the topics interesting and insightful. My interests, in no particular order, board games, cooking, biking, hiking, programming, books, and camping.


Welcome to the party!

Emily and I are getting more and more extreme in our hiking, and we’ve got good backpack camping kit now. Expect a lot of opening bits about this come spring :wink:

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Bikenights - classic
Trikenights - when Scott gets old
Hikenights - new hobby
Spikenights - Cowboy Bepop episodes
Strikenights - workers unite
Counterstrikenights - 1.6 or CS:GO?
Shrikenights - review Hyperion, cowards
Pikenights - medieval weaponry
Christlikenights - Rym finds God


Hi - first post here, because I follow the rules. I’m Chris from the UK, also a child of '82. Been a listener for about 3 years now, its kept me going through the pandemic. I work in IT, subject matter expert in a number of systems for a large public sector organisation. PC Gamer since '94, I can credit my IT skills and career it it. Also a keen runner, cyclist, tabletop gamer, woodworker, petrolhead and whisky and ale drinker.

The thing that really keeps my listening to the podcast is that more often than not, I’m having the same thoughts as Rym and Scott about tech, and the many other subjects talked about. Its nice to know others take things to the same level of detail as I try to do. I got to the point where after an episode I just want to talk about what was said.


The mechanism design behind Christianity-like religions.

Eh, I preferred “Heuristics of Jesus.”

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Welcome Swanny!

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Long time fan, been there since the iPod classic days. I work in tech, love to cook my Japanese Grandma’s recipe book as often as possible. Anime is great but haven’t watched a ton lately. Hope you talk to you all more on this here community :slight_smile:


Welcome :wink:

Our short unplanned hiatus will end next week. I’ve been hella sick.

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