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Apreche said:

Alright, I know there are a lot of people on these forums that aren’t participating. There are also seem to be plenty of people we already know and plenty of complete strangers. I think we could really get the ball rolling if everyone identifies themselves in this thread. Just say who you are, where you are from, etc. Whatever you’re willing to share.

I’m Scott Rubin, born April 30, 1982. You can use that to figure out my current age. I’m a software engineer for some company you never heard of. I graduated from RIT in 2005 with a BS in Computer Science. I am one of the two hosts of GeekNights. If you listen to the podcast you know the rest and more.


I’m Peter Olsen, born September 21st, 1982. I’m a founding member of the original Front Row Crew, a microbiologist, a brewer, a meatsmith, a recreational medievalist, and an all-around nice guy except that I probably don’t like you.

It’s not personal, it’s just that everyone sucks.

I graduated from RIT in aught 4, and after toying with the idea of grad school for like a decade, I’ve decided to pretty well stick with my undergrad degree.

I am also a member of the landed gentry. Peasants may come labor in my fields for scraps if you so desire, and you will be enriched for the experience.


I’m Rym, producer of GeekNights, itself a vanity project spawned in 2005 to deal with the reality of not being in college anymore. UX professional, product manager, game design pundit, and apparently one of the last people on Earth who knows how Linux works.

Various people have tried recently to cajole me into either returning to university for a maths degree or getting an MBA. I too will probably remain an undergrad for life.

This sort of introduction, much like my actual CV, seems to get shorter and shorter the older I get.


I’m Chris Knox, 30.5 years old as of Christmas. I am in no way associated with the forming of the FRC as I have never been to the Northeast (need to fix that). Born and raised in the Seattle area, I am a programmer by day and writer/musician/gamer/alcohol-enthusiast by night.

No one has ever tried to convince me to do post-grad work and I have no intention of ever doing so.

While I have made many things in my life, almost none of it has ever been officially published for public consumption (my band has one album and I do maintain a blog). I have tried to change this for many years with little success. Really wish I could figure out how to make it possible, outside of unemployment.

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Don Schlaich, 33 years old. Not a member of the FRC, but I knew Rym in Highschool. I ended up at RIT studying Printing after being told IT didn’t want me. I currently work as a Senior Designer for a printing company, so it worked out okay. When the stress of a new job isn’t getting to me, I write fantasy novels and hope to make it the thing that pays the bills at some point in my life.

Unlike most of the RIT grads so far, I was dumb enough to go back for a Master’s before depression and finances kicked my in the balls.

Oh, and I mostly started supporting the Patreon becaused I wondered if Rym still remembered how to pronounce Schlaich.

Hello! I’m Amanda, long time podcast listener, brand new forum participant. In meat space I work in insurance (boooooring) but on the interwebs I participate in the Vocaloid/J-pop dubbing communities as a singer, artist and animator.

I found Geek Nights through the Fast Karate podcast what seems a million years ago. More of a lurker than anything but maybe I will actually be an active poster this time? Who can say, life is a mystery.

I go by Hitman Hart here, but in most places, I use the handle Maskmys. It comes from a name on an old pro wrestling board where I was Masked Man of Mystery. If I meet you in real life, I’ll tell you my name, but I prefer to keep a degree of separation between my online stuff and my real life. My primary geekeries are pro wrestling, auto racing, video games, and animation. I tried for a long time to cajole Rym and Scott into doing a Thursday about wrestling as a geekery, but I think it’s probably better if I finally use the microphone I bought years ago and finally going into it myself at this point. I was hoping to expand their horizons a bit, but so it goes. I need to do some creating on my own anyway. I spent way too long working at a Best Buy before finally escaping this year to work for a small audio company I’ve been a huge fan of for years. Maybe I’ll add more to this later.

I’m Dave, my age is born June 9, 1990. I studied IT & Medical Informatics at RIT, I’m mostly here because I really like Rym and Scott’s talks on general tech. I need to learn more tech and these guys often deliver. Everything else is awesome too but I’m mainly here to learn. That’s kinda my thing, learning is the most awesome thing, I’d rather be learning than relaxing, or eating or anything. That said, I am pretty lazy and do a lot to avoid work. So that’s why I’m here and not perusing graduate degrees. Oh, I work in system administration. Since learning about geeknights I’ve expanded my boardgame collection and stopped attending anime cons in favor of actually good cons. As a result these two have enough good will to keep me as a fan until their advice grows old and shitty.

I’m Aaron Clark. I was born March 12th 1977. Graduated Emory with a degree in History in 99. Helicopter Pilot, senior PAX Enforcer (not active at the moment), reenactor, Deputy Sheriff.

Tie Fighter brought me here, well, meeting Rym and Scott at PAX because Heels said they were cool. Then wanting to say something about TIE fighter to Rym, then emailing it, then getting a response!

I’m Banta, age 28. I studied History at Oregon State University, decided to become a lawyer, and am currently attending Lewis & Clark Law School. I’ll be graduating in May, and hopefully passing the bar in July.

My main geekeries are anime and manga, politics, and history, and minor ones include board games, video games, and RPGs.

I’m Ted. 28/M/CA, currently pretending at a bay area tech job. I went to RIT just after Rym and Scott left, and their influence was still heavily felt on the Anime Club while I was there. I like lots of genres of videogames, though mostly I’ve focused on somewhat casual games of late. I’m also huge into sci-fi and transhumanism. Was an Enforcer, now gearing up to work on MagWest.

Hi all! I’m Joel, a 22 year old software engineer for some big tech company. I went to school at the University of Pittsburgh, graduating just last May, and am now living in Seattle. I’ve been listening to Geeknights on and off since about 2007, though not consistently until the last year or so.

I used to be really into running and music (trumpet in particular); nowadays, my main interests are indie video games and cooking/baking, though I’m trying to get back into music again.

I’m Pradyumn, I’ve just finished a Bachelor in Computer Science. I’m also a registered Veterinary surgeon and practised across Australia and the UK for 8 years before deciding to go back to school.

I became aware of Geeknights via meeting @Apreche on another podcast’s forum’s website in early 2005.

Chris Midkiff, 21 years old, going to school in Cleveland, Ohio for Computer Science.

I honestly don’t remember how I found geeknights. It was around 2008 though.

I’m Frank Rohrer; I’m another founding Crew member. Born in November 1981, I’m two months too old to be a Millennial.

Unlike the rest of the Crew, I transferred over to Purdue after a couple years of RIT, for reasons. Wound up with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science. After that, I’ve been working as a programmer for the remnants of Ross Perot’s company, as it merged into and spun off of HP (currently HPE, soon to merge with CSC).

I studied/trained in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo, attaining Black Belt in 2011, then teaching for a few years after that.

Primary geek-foci are games (mostly board and metrovania video), physics, politics, and tweaking my RSS reader to avoid having to open pages in a browser.

HI my name is Patrick this is the first day I am in this forum. I am a QA analyst by day and crazy convention worker/presenter/hobbyist by night. I enjoy board games, single player non combative video games, nerd music, and historical references in nerd culture.

This is mainly for the new people in the new forum, for all those returning people it is still me, hi. waves

I’m Joe. Born in 2/82, I have a BS in Computer Science and Philosophy, and I work as a software engineer at Google. My main geekeries include bicycling, video games, tabletop, software/firmware hacking, and a sprinkling of anime. On Thursday nights I appear on a pretty chill Twitch stream with my good friend who’s a video game music composer, where we play a variety of (often unusual or offbeat) indie games.

Along with the Penny Arcade podcast and 5x5 DLC, GeekNights is in my regular rotation of podcasts I listen to on my 16 mile bike commute to and from work (single-earbud only!). I enjoy this forum because the folks here seem mature, friendly, patient, and willing to entertain a significant amount of philosophizing and technical discussion. Even in disagreement, folks here are supportive and awesome to each other, and I think that’s rad.

I’m Greg von Teig, best known around here for either my ConnectiCon panels or my unrelenting research on Andrew Jackson. Amateur musician hoping to go pro, seasonal professional historical reenactor as a day job. Proud drop out of Boston Latin School. I joined the Forum mostly for the My Little Pony thread back in 2012, but quickly assimilated into the community and at this point I don’t think I could leave if I tried.

If you left, who would dispense random facts about Andrew Jackson?