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Most of my problems were resolved by replacing my running shoes every ~200 miles. It was like night and day.

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General beginner running tips


Just as someone who doesn’t own a car and walks everywhere, working retail and having to wring every mile out of my shoes vs. being able to just buy new shoes when I want them has promoted a similar feeling.

I’m Hadeer Ghareeb, from Cairo, Egypt. I studied pharmacy worked for a while in the health sector then shifted to make toys from trash (in this i was between environment and education) and now I am into Game design. I have already designed a game “Didi Asks” A card game, igniting meaningful conversations.
I cam here since currently I am designing a board game and your youtube channel helped me a lot to understand many things.


Awesome! How is the board gaming scene in Egypt?

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It is not huge as gatherings for game night is not widely spread in the culture however there is a community started 3 years ago and they are printing games and gather to play and even now they are trying to do meetups online.
designer not much too so far there is only one or two game recognized board game makers but i know another group in the process of making one besides me and a friend :smiley:

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Are there any companies selling or distributing games there, or do you have to import everything on your own?

We have companies selling games, either the ones they make or they publish for designer. but the option of getting publisher is not fair.
on the other hand, there are a lot of individuals that print the famous games and selling it without boxes and rulebook.
most of the materials are available here and cheaper except for some specific things like “sand timer”. like i remember one of the companies stopped a project because they could not find it in Egypt and to get it from abroad with the currency situation was bad and they initiated a crowdfunding campaign.

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been a listener since the first PAX AUS, primarily for Tuesday shows but I have an interest in all 4 shows. I’ll watch Utena when ScRym finish the geeknights presents Utena series.


My name is Paul. Born 12/29/85. I’m a postman and I live in the greater Philadelphia region.
I’ve been watching anime since Ronin Warriors and Sailor Moon aired in '95.
I became a dedicated PC gamer when I got my first custom desktop in 2013.
I’m a cosplayer and I attend anime conventions regularly. (But not now because covid)
Rym & Scott’s alternatives to dungeons and dragons panel (or whatever it was called) was one the first panels I ever attended at my first anime convention in 2014. Since then I’ve seen Geeknights panels pop up on YouTube every now and then and I’ve recently begun listening to the podcast regularly.


Welcome Paul. Thanks for carrying the mail. Feel free to share your cosplay photos, we would love to see it.

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I am Judah. Player of games, reader of books, watcher of movies, banger of drums.

Although, I’ve never posted in the forums before, I have listened to this show since high school. It’s kind of mind blowing to think about, considering that I am almost 30 now. I have no idea how I even found this show; maybe it found me. Sometimes GeeknNights is the background music to a long commute, other times it is the fuel needed to power through a workout, sometimes I just put it on to annoy my wife and listen to her complain about Rym and Scott constantly interrupting each other. Regardless of its purpose, I am thankful that such a thoughtful (at times) and consistently entertaining podcast exists.


Hi everyone! I’m Darren, 24 as of yesterday. I have an MBA and BS in Business Administration from Binghamton ('19 and '18 respectively), and I work at Amazon. I found this forum because I watched a bunch of live Geeknights panels at Anime Boston when I was in high school/college, and recently, I decided to binge-watch all of their panels on YouTube while playing strategy games, ultimately leading me here.

As my main hobby and competitive/creative outlet, I love solo beatboxing. It’s a really niche art form/sport with the most amazing community I’ve ever seen. For nerdy hobbies, I love pretty much all games (video games, tabletop, cards, social deduction, sports, you name it) and I am the biggest fan of the Super Smash Bros. series. My favorite games of all time besides Smash are Fire Emblem, Dungeons & Dragons, Chess, Secret Hitler, Team Fortress 2 (sorry Rym and Scott lol), Tales of Symphonia, Heroes of Might & Magic III, and the Borderlands series.

I’m currently trying to get good at Chess, Settlers of Catan, and FTL: Faster Than Light (also one of my favorite games). Let me know if any of you can help me get good lol.


Yooo, post some beatboxing on YouTube or SoundCloud. I love that biz.

Someone here should be able to help you get good at most of those.

Yesss, here’s a video of me (Ghost, on the left) competing in a big beatbox tournament.

Format of standard beatbox tournaments: Any beatboxer is allowed to do a showcase, and a panel of judges score them. The top 16 are ranked and seeded into a 1v1 bracket. 1v1s are typically 2 90 second rounds of solo beatboxing back and forth, and judges vote after each battle (with an overtime option) to determine who moves on in the bracket. Single elimination.

Sounds like it based on the community here and the “How to win at games” panels. I’m hoping to become an expert at a bunch of games because of this forum.

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Alma mater of one of the inspirations of Geeknights!

Wait really? That’s awesome, how so? I was super involved in Binghamton’s Video Game Club/Smash Club while I was attending. A good school for nerds, hipsters, and normies alike.

Scott cites Pardon the Interruption as one of the inspirations for the show. Tony Kornheiser went there, as he mentions all the time on PTI.

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It’s possible I could have gone there. I applied and was accepted. I just liked RIT and other places more. The number one thing I remember when visiting in '99/'00 was that the arcade was pretty sweet.

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:wave: I’m Lu; I live in Seattle with my partner Phil, who likes the outdoors while I am a profound indoor-person. For work, I am a Site Reliability Engineer for a managed Kubernetes offering.

I used to be really into singing shape note, partner dance, and playing instruments; nowadays I mostly pet my cat and take Horton classes from the Ailey Institute through the magic of Zoom.

I am fascinated by packaged foods and forced space efficiency (airplane seats, train cabins, bloodmobiles).

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