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Wired earbuds and headphones:


Wow. Even my the fragile etymotics last a year or two each. That fragility, and the price, are still their only flaw.

Every other set of non-Apple earbuds I ever used broke just as quickly. They were also more expensive. So weirdly, Apple EarPods were by far the cheapest decent sounding earbuds that had in-line volume controls.

WTF are you doing? Swimming with them? Putting them in your back pocket and sitting on them?

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Using them 4 to 16 hours per day, 7 days a week, while also traveling 200 days a year, plus wearing them while: running, juggling, hiking, sleeping, sitting in hottubs, housework, etc.

Running kills mine. I use cheap crappo ones just for running on treadmills, and my nice ones for everything else.

If I was running, even on a treadmill, I would use wireless. If I listened while sleeping or in a hot tub, I would use speakers. Hiking and housework shouldn’t significantly damage wired ones. That being said, I’ll still use speakers for housework since I’m in my house.

TL; DR: Use speakers more. Use wireless to avoid damage in situations where speakers are not an option, like running on the street.

Well, I mainly got those broken ones out because I now have BeatsX wireless earbuds, so I hope I’m not going to be adding to the collection of broken earpods.

Let me know how those work out for you. I’m not a fan of beats, but I am probably going to go wireless once my current etymotics bite the dust probably later this year or early next.

I’ve tried bluetooth earbuds before, but fuck that shit. BeatsX were the cheapest and most practical-looking option with the W1 chip for easy connection and better battery life.

Oh, they don’t use Bluetooth? That’s real nice. I’m going to have to investigate this.

They do use Bluetooth, but when connecting to Apple devices and computers they use proprietary stuff so you can be paired with all of it at the same time, and use easy switching between them. Also for power saving and range extension.

I’m waiting for Apple to make a wireless version of their in-ear headphones. I need more sound isolation than the current AirPods offer. I’ve got at least a year before I need to worry about it (iPhone SE forever).

That’s what the Beats are. Apples owns Beats.

Beats has shittier build quality than the Apple-branded stuff.

I got a pair of wireless Beats for like 60% off during Black Friday. They’re… okay, but they were the only wireless earbuds I could find that didn’t suck and had a loop for your ear.

To remind everyone that these exist. Considering how many times you may pay for new earphones, maybe these will fare better.


I really couldn’t do with anything less than 8 hours of active listening battery life.

I’ve been using these for any non-editing situation the past year and they are really comfy and sound perfectly fine.