Tech that needs to die

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The 3D TV will end production this year.

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Adobe intends to end Flash by 2020.

Yeah pretty much this come to think.

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I still have my 160 gig ipod classic, works a treat, never skips a beat.

AIM is shutting down in one-and-a-half weeks. Let’s reflect on the past 20 years.

TLS 1.2+ will be safe.

Speaking of which, the forum cert is expired.

WTF, stupid letsencrypt. Y U NO?

EDIT: Ok, so if I use a private browsing window or a different browser, the new unexpired cert loads. For some reason Chrome that I’m currently using is caching the expired cert and won’t load the newer one.

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I have regularly encountered SSL3 in the wild, so…

Microsoft’s browsers

I have a question on this point from the people who understand more about the implications of this: Does this mean ActiveX-based sites are also going to die too?

Did anyone ever use this?

I got a code for that on one of my DVDs…don’t think I ever activated it