Fail of Your Day


I had an interview today where I think I did well, but I don’t want to touch this firm with a ten foot barge pole. The attorney whose firm it was was the epitome of ambulance chaser. Cheap suit, Trump hair, arrogant. Did power move stuff like walk by the door of the conference room where one of the junior lawyers and the lead paralegal were interviewing me, open it as he walked by and walk away so the other lawyer and paralegal had to chase him to see what he wanted. Said my number was high when salary was discussed, even though other jobs I got interviews for were in the same range. Definitely not taking this position.


Steam keeps changing my handle back from Lizi to Greg and no matter how many times I change it back it reverts in a few hours.


Contact Steam support.


I did. They haven’t gotten back to me. Meanwhile, it’s still reverting.


Steam Support doesn’t know what’s happening. They say I have malware but give no further details on what type of malware they suspect so I think they’re just trying to shirk responsibility. My anti-malware software doesn’t detect anything anyway.


Anti-malware software often misses stuff, especially if it’s more “bleeding edge” malware (though somehow I suspect you don’t partake in activities that would lead you susceptible to bleeding edge malware, nor do I think you are a particularly high value target for said malware authors to personally go after).

I don’t know offhand what it takes to change your handle on Steam, but I assume it’s just a case of filling in some sort of form in the client or website. Maybe as an experiment you could temporarily change your username to something more gender-neutral like “PugFan” or something? It may at least shed some light if it is a general handle-changing bug or something more nefarious related to changing your handle’s gender.


If I had to guess, one or more applications you may have linked to your account are asserting values at login.

Log out of or otherwise unlink everything you have that can log into the account. Change the password.

Then, using just ONE computer, log in and make the change. See if anything hinkey happens.


That makes more sense than unspecified malware.

EDIT: That said, logging on to multiple devices, it’s not switching anymore. I think I’ll try that if it switches again.


Over the summer, self-checkout machines were installed in the campus supermarkets. They have two options for payment. One is scanning the your barcode in the payment app, which is standard practice here. The other choice is tapping “Yo, it’s me” and using face recognition. From what I’ve seen it works pretty well, but I don’t see why someone would want to voluntarily connect for Alibaba (and by extension the Chinese government) their biometrics and bank info.


It’s China. The government probably has all that info already anyway.


Well, yeah, but that doesn’t mean folks should just give it to them anyway. If nothing else, at least the work better than any self-checkout machine I’ve used in the US. Actually, I’ve only ever had trouble with them in the US.


Hard Drive toaster hard toasted drives.


Stick welding is pretty hard to learn with modern equipment. Practice stick welding with ancient equipment from the 40’s is fucking next level.


So, have you streamed it now June 1 has passed?


Yeah, I did one time.


iOS 12, minutes in and already finding regressions. Takes 3 clicks to embed a picture into a message. Used to be 2.


There is dedicated row of apps above the keyboard in Messages, and the Photos app is the very first one! Tap it and you see your recent photos, tap the photo you want, and it’s ready to send. How are you doing it?


I have that row hidden to save screen real estate. With that bar up and the keyboard out, 7 lines of text are visible on my screen, less if it’s across multiple messages.

In iOS 11 you touched the camera icon and you got an inline camera display and the list of photos. What was so bad about that Apple?


It wasn’t new and different enough.


For the first time, one of my RAID 1 drives has failed. I bought these 1.5TB drives 8 or so years ago as a 3 disk set. 2 hot drives and a cold spare. I finally get to use my cold spare.