Fail of Your Day


I don’t follow this kind of news… at all. But with my layman’s understanding of this. I’m surprised this wasn’t Abbey Road, or Sargent Pepper or… like any other Beatles album.


I just realized today that I should probably up the image scale so I don’t crane my neck towards the monitor. Why have I only just realized this today.


The Eagles are fuckin’ garbage, that’s what’s wrong with it.


U WOT M8? The Eagles are great!


[Disclaimer I named myself after the woman who “ran the Hotel California”]

The Eagles are bland as fuck. If you asked me to tell the difference between an Eagles song and a CSN(Y) song, I couldn’t. They’re just middle of the road soft country rock. Michael Jackson wasn’t earth shattering but he was more distinct than the fucking Eagles.


The Eagles Greatest Hits two disc album on Spotify has 20 tracks. About a dozen of them are not just the Eagles Greatest Hits but are all time legendary songs.

Thriller has 9 tracks, 5 of which are all time legendary songs.

It’s pretty close, but I think MJ is still way ahead. The Eagles had to compile their greatest hits to compete with just a regular old album by the King of Pop.


Different compilation. The one referenced is a single disc.


That’s one of the first CDs my dad ever bought. I’ve heard it beginning to end more times than I can count.


Ah, so it’s just the first disc. The first volume is actually where most of the best songs are, but Hotel California leads off volume 2.


Failed the N5 again in the exact same way. Fucked if I know anymore. I can have hour long conversations in Japanese. I know around 150 kanji. I message friends and my girlfriend in Japanese. But for some reason I can not pass this god dam test, and without this stupid bloody test I will be stuck as a shitty ALT for ever. FML.


Have you tried maybe a different accent/dialect of Japanese?


Ahhh it doesn’t really work that way. I could try Osaka ben but then I would have to join the Yakuza.


How does a 4XL blouse not fit me?


Chinese sizing? I’ve bought XXXL stuff that fit like a large because of weird Chinese sizing.


Mustve been. I didnt check but I know that retailer uses it sometimes.


Ok listen anyone who’s ever had to administer an sql server. FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
Don’t spend a ton of time trying to figure out what you did wrong. Just type those sweet words and move on, you had it right the first time.


Former friend who is now a loony bin Trump supporter tried to reach out to me today after two years. Asked how I was and dug deep asking me to reveal problems. Told him “I needed to get away from my old situation and I’m happier in this new one where I live on my own and have new friends. Trump shit had me stressed.” He immediately responds “Don’t blame Trump for your problems.” And I can’t go straight nuclear on his ass cause my anxiety makes me feel like this could be the shit where my life turns really sour, my heart is beating super fast, and I feel like I could collapse from panic.

This kind falls with the depression threads but I feel cowardly cause I know I can go off on people like I should because my anxiety attack cripples me to the point I feel like I might just drop dead.


This semester I’m apparently teaching a class about US culture, history, politics, etc. The book they gave me was published in 2008. On the second page of the chapter about education, it says,

“Most Americans appreciate the guiding principle that each citizen should receive the best education possible and everyone should get equal opportunity to receive at least some education. However, this principle can not be and has never been truly carried out in America. Before the 1960’s many Negroes had not been given the right to receive education.”

That this book can simultaneously be both extremely bland and casually offensive is kind of impressive.

With more reading, I’ve found that its use of commas also bothers me. Sometimes they use normal English commas, which are nice and snug with the letter they follow, but sometimes they use Chinese commas, which, as you can see, give the letters around them a wide berth.


They clearly have never heard of Reconstruction. It was black people who created public education in the south for both races in the 1870s.


Yes, there are the obvious factual inaccuracies, but a book published 10 years ago, even in China, which is not known for its racial sensitivity, should not be using “Negroes” to refer to black people in America.