Fail of Your Day


More of a rant about fails, but I needed to get it off my chest a bit.

For years, I’ve used the word “thug,” derived from the historical Indian thuggee bandit cult, to refer to any random violent individual. For example, I would often refer to a dirty hockey or football player as a “thug” (or sometimes, especially in hockey, “goon”). However, apparently racist shitlords have made “thug” a term for any African-Americans they don’t like, so I can’t use “thug” in its original sense even when talking about a dirty player who happens to also be African-American (see Ndamakung Suh as an example of a dirty African-American football player).

Now, more recently, racist 4chan shitlords have turned the “OK” hand gesture into a racist symbol for “white power.” So now I have to be careful when using a gesture I’ve used for who knows how many years because it could be misconstrued as racist.

Argh. I just really wanna take a baseball bat to the skulls of those racist shitlords sometimes…


The only time I ever used the OK hand gesture was in the Adventure Time context.


So I’ve seen some interesting takes on the ok hand gesture. And some interesting, but informal analysis.

So in these racist shitlord circles, apparently there’s some ideas about like, taking innocuous things and making them like… theirs. So there’s been some like, going around and performative using the ok hand gesture as a like, thing to show that you’re a shitlord it’s your thing.

However, apparently they don’t often use it amongst conversations with each other. So it’s sole use is to try and like… “make it theirs”, it’s pretty insidious, they’re trying it with all kinds of seemingly innocuous, the milk emoji, and that frog comic, both come to mind.

I don’t have a solution, I just think one useful metric to determine if a thing is like a shitlord thing or just a thing shitlords are trying to make theirs is whether or not they use it when they aren’t broadcasting to the world.


Maybe people are letting names, titles, and gestures have too much significance here. You can either ignore it or own it, but getting offended by it gives it more credit than it’s due. Words are also allowed to mean multiple things and context matters.


It’s also not the “OK” sign, it’s the circle game. OK is above the waist, fingers upward.

I’m not convinced that it’s not assholes trolling people.


This is exceedingly relevant. Culture is plastic.


It’s true that context matters but certain things are seized on so hard their context is changed. It’s not new. The swastika wasn’t a hate symbol until Nazis took it and made it theirs. Contextually it is still used as a map marker for Buddhist temple in Japan as an ancient symbol associated with Buddhism. But the association with Nazism in the west is so strong they are changing symbols on tourist maps ahead of the Olympics. Pepe was a character associated with a dumb catchphrase and peeing with your pants all the way down until it was coopted as a fascist symbol. Most people associate Pepe with that context now. In both cases the general population never knew the original context. No one knew an ancient symbol or an obscure internet joke until it was presented as a hate symbol.


It expressly is. I’m on my phone at work or I’d show my source but it was a coirdinated 4chan fascist psyop to take a common gesture and convince people it was a white supremacist dog whistle so when liberal politicians used it they could say LOOK THEY’RE RACIST and thus “own the libs.” It just happened to succeed beyond their wildest dreams and is actually being used unironically as a racist dogwhistle.


So… Quirky vintage game ad, or insidious fascist dog ochestra?


I mean it IS an Aryan-ish cis-het idealized family unit :thinking:



Yep, I don’t have the article handy, but I’ve seen that one (or at least one that said the same thing). Of course, given how ubiquitous the gesture is in non-racist contexts, there’s going to be all sorts of shit going on where people may innocently use it out of habit without being racist, which is probably what the 4chan shitlords wanted, despite some racists now also using it specifically for racist purposes.


It is. It sows doubt and paranoia which is what they want. I think the idea was to spread the thought that the sign was a dogwhistle so liberal leaders ane politicians using it innocently in it’s real meaning could be discredited or at least doubted by their constituents and potential supporters. The selection of a completely innocent and ubiquitous gesture was not an accident.


@PrinceRobot has it right.

Getting upset by the actions of others is your own choice, and in doing so you allow them power over you.


Do you say the n word?


I was raised to believe that is a dirty word, and generally feel that folks who use it sound ignorant.


It’s super obvious when someone is using that hand gesture in its new common meaning, and I am deeply suspicious of anyone who feels otherwise.


I disagree with this. It is not super obvious, not to me anyway. It’s only sometimes super obvious. When it’s my dad, it’s pretty obvious, when it’s a guy with a pepe pin, it’s super obvious, when it’s random person giving an interview or lady in the background of supreme court justice hiring decisions it’s not as obvious. In my opinion anyway. Perhaps you’re better at figuring stuff out than me, perhaps you’re more ok with getting it wrong than me. My guess is little column A little column B.


IMO if you’re a regular person and someone asks you a question and you respond that it’s OK with the old gesture, yeah I’m gonna guess that just means OK.

If you’re throwing it randomly, maybe that’s a sign?

If it appears specifically in media in the last year or two, it’s probably a sign?

If it’s 3+ year old media it probably is almost guaranteed not a sign of white nationalism on it’s own. But if someone is posting that today what is their reasoning? They might be using it as a sort of image macro doggie whistle?

Images, symbols, gestures, memed cartoon animals… We can keep using them and enjoying them in our own contexts but nothing’s a vacuum. Outside world may assume things.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen this gesture out in the wild since “the game” in my highschool days. Oh, and the day I broke my wrist and the x-ray technician asked me to make an OK gesture with my hand if I could (it hurt) and I had to ask him what he even meant. If I do see it in the wild I’ll make sure to… be confused… like I would anyone else making weird gestures.