Zelda: BotW and Zelda in general


Ancient arrows one shot anything short of a guardian. The downside is you don’t get any parts.


Doing the Gerudo dungeon will help you with Lynels. A decent 2h weapon and the three charges of that ability pretty handily take down all but the toughest of them.


The charge attack on 2h weapons is crazy. Just stand neat them and they die.


Not worth it on Lynels. Also they do one shot guardians especially when hit near the eye



Ahh. Korok seeds



The scope of this game makes for melancholy upon actually defeating Ganon.

In other news, Ganon goes down like a chump. I didn’t even upgrade most of my clothes, didn’t bother making many healing foods, and brought him down mostly with ancient arrows and little risk.



I loved the hell out of this game, but I’m going to pass on full completion and wait on the DLC. My advice is that the SECOND you start to burn out, just go kill Ganon.

Maybe once a ton of DLC is out, I’ll get it all and play fresh from a break.

Total aside: did any of you bother with elixers? I don’t think I ever crafted any, and I just sold most of the ones stangers gave me. Food only.


Heat and cold resist elixers exclusively. Being a nudist isn’t an easy life.


The Snowquill outfit looks SOO GOOD though.

I had one headband for heat.

I wore either climbing or Zora outfit 90% of the time.


I used a fireproof elixir to get into Goron area, that’s mostly it so far. I experimented with some of the stealth ones to try and sneak up on animals but that was mostly just goofin around.


I think I made one to test. All other monster parts I sold, used for upgrades, or traded for mon.


Being fashion challenged is one among those many challenges.


Yeah. I rarely made potions. Food all they way and sell monster parts for money or mon.


I didn’t hesitate to make potions. They’re basically the same thing as cooked food? I don’t see them as being superfluous or an indictment of something wrong with the game. I’d cook the salamanders with some monster parts to get stamina elixers or fireproof elixers. I think I made some maximum heart buff elixers by messing around at one point.

The game is not meant to be 100% completed. 900 korok seeds are there so that there is always something around the corner and the world never seems stale/boring. If you plod around trying to 100% it I imagine you would grow to hate the game. Nintendo wants you to go beat Ganon and stop before you ever get to that point.


I did A LOT of cooking, and was always loaded down with various soups and shish kabobs, so I never really bothered with the potions too much. Plus I did level up most of the armor pretty high.

I also never really messed with ancient arrows. I used them whenever I found them or someone game them to me, but never bothered to buy any. I found that the 5x Lynel bow plus the fully upgraded barbarian armor meant that I was basically a murder machine with plain arrows and middle of the road swords.


I made and bought potions and they’re clogging my meals inventory. I suppose I should go ahead and sell them since I’m shrine hunting for now. I probably should also search for more armor sets.