Zelda: BotW and Zelda in general


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Poor direction; par for the course for English translations. Though at least with Zelda crying I don’t feel she’d go into hysterics immediately.



I’ve definitely encountered some slight annoyances and things here and there. None of them were quite as bad as that bug. Still, I’m not surprised. What non-trivial program in the history of software has been absolutely perfect?


Tetris. This sentence is here to fulfil the 15 character minimum.


Tetris is nearly trivial.


Tetris is not nearly trivial, nor is pacman, nor is digdug. I know this because I have made all of them in java from scratch back in my early CS courses.

Making shapes not rotate out of bounds is a non trivial problem with multiple solutions each with pros and cons dependent on a variety of factors.


So I was watching Jeremy play last night. He was taking on the labyrinth in Akkala. He was having problems, so I logged onto the Switch to figure it out backwards because I forgot how I got to the shrine. Then I did this:

HOLY SHIT. I love stuff like this. Makes me want to go to the other labyrinths to see if there is anything there. (Don’t tell me if there is or isn’t!)

This place was pretty cool, but what made the experience even better was above ground there was a lightning storm and you could still hear it and see it. When lightning hit the labyrinth above, you can see it spark from the ceiling or a bit of the lightning tips in the ceiling. Just something not as significant as weather affecting my environment underground just makes the experience THAT much better.

This game is just full of that.


How did you not go down there on the first try? I remember that basement area being unavoidable after beating the shrine.


It didn’t cross my mind to go down the wind shaft. Normally I’m pretty meticulous when going into areas like that, but that was my first labyrinth and it was also raining, so I was getting frustrated with it and wanted it to be over and done with. This was when I didn’t have a lot of hearts or decent weapons, and trying to ignore all those flying guardians was the priority as well.


Hah, I was in a similar boat. I went in there with barely any hearts, terrified of the flying guardians, wandering around in the rain.


Just finished the main story line with 120 shrines, a fully upgraded Hylian set, 27 hearts, 3 stamina wheels, the Master Sword, and the Hylian Shield. I liked the English dialogue but on my next play through I am going to try the Spanish (Spaniard) language. My first language is Spanish, and I think that the Spaniard translation has more heart than the Latin American one.
This game has definitely earned that season pass.
Now, time to upgrade that Set of The Wild.


Divine Beast quests in order of how great they are:

  1. Fish people
  2. Bird people
  3. Desert people

The Goron quest was boring, the stealth mission to get there was boring, and the beast itself was the weakest in terms of puzzles. It also has the least emotional payoff and least story. I wish I hadn’t done it last: it was a let-down compared to how great the other three were.


I was on my way to Goron. I did fish first and then when to the desert. Birds will probably be last.


I just have the desert to go. I’m focusing on shrines right now and might take a sneak through the castle.


I still need to beat Ganon to get the other ending, but I am done. Maybe revisit to explore places I may have missed or get Kilton’s Monster medals.

All shrines and quests done. I feel like I’ve lost something. Well it’s over. I miss it.

However there is Rime…


Well, I wasted a couple hundred rupees on ancient arrows but I killed a Lynel.


Are Ancient arrows that effective against Lynels? Save them for Guardians, especially when you go to Hyrule castle. Normal arrows are just fine, but you’re better off just doing parry/flurry attacks on them, imo.


Ancient weapons for ancient enemies.