Zelda: BotW and Zelda in general


That is literally how I got to Goron Land.


More content.



Because Nintendo doesn’t want my money or taking their sweet time or copyright issues or something.

You’re welcome.


Stupid Yiga and their bananas.


The level of commitment of quality tweets continues:


DLC2 comes out TONIGHT

I never actually finished the game. I played it a bit recently, and I was back INTO IT. I think my two games right now are gonna be Zelda and Hearthstone, at least until I beat all the Zelda biz.


Oh yes. Still haven’t beaten Trial of the Sword. It’s like my 4th attempt now. D:


The new challenge in DLC2 kicked my ass. I haven’t played since i beat it in March. Ugh. Gonna start practicing when I’m rejuvenated tomorrow.


Trial of the Sword isn’t actually that hard. The problem is they keep making you start from the beginning after one death. Every attempt I get further than the last. If it just didn’t send me back all the way, I would have beaten it already.




Finally getting around to the Champions Ballad DLC. Love the new challenges/shrines.

Still can’t beat Trial of the Sword.

Also new kitchen art:



Twitter continues to show me how people are just discovering cool things you can do in this game: