Zelda: BotW and Zelda in general


That is literally how I got to Goron Land.


More content.



Because Nintendo doesn’t want my money or taking their sweet time or copyright issues or something.

You’re welcome.


Stupid Yiga and their bananas.


The level of commitment of quality tweets continues:


DLC2 comes out TONIGHT

I never actually finished the game. I played it a bit recently, and I was back INTO IT. I think my two games right now are gonna be Zelda and Hearthstone, at least until I beat all the Zelda biz.


Oh yes. Still haven’t beaten Trial of the Sword. It’s like my 4th attempt now. D:


The new challenge in DLC2 kicked my ass. I haven’t played since i beat it in March. Ugh. Gonna start practicing when I’m rejuvenated tomorrow.


Trial of the Sword isn’t actually that hard. The problem is they keep making you start from the beginning after one death. Every attempt I get further than the last. If it just didn’t send me back all the way, I would have beaten it already.




Finally getting around to the Champions Ballad DLC. Love the new challenges/shrines.

Still can’t beat Trial of the Sword.

Also new kitchen art:



Twitter continues to show me how people are just discovering cool things you can do in this game:


Kind of wishing for my Nintendo games to be on steam now.

I actually prefer the default graphics, but when you can just see everything clearly. It’s visually satisfying, even if the textures are bum.


Last night I had a quintessential Breath of the Wild experience.

The plan was to start at point A and check out point B because it’s supposed to be an Important Place. I know it’s there because I saw it labeled on a nearby road sign, and also I have a map of the area and it looks right on the map.

I teleport to the nearest tower because, while I’m heading to B, there’s a place C on the way that looks odd.

While gliding there, I find something that looked much odder and go there instead.

Odd location D has someone that wants a particular kind of fruit. A fruit I had a few of. Only a few, because I had never found the plant that bore this fruit and occasionally would find them in crates. But my Compendium knows they’re from region E, so I head over there after a quick stop at C because E is literally on the opposite side of the map.

While wandering around E, I find a big horse. Well, better get this horse, right? Done, and I also note a nearby shrine F. Ok, where’s the nearest stable? The one north of here has a cliff in the way so instead I have to slide around to the south and east to get to stable G, but I dodge some baddies and drop the big horse at stable G and have a conversation about the legendary big horse while astride said horse.

I double back to F, do the shrine, find a confused person, kill a Stone Talus, find some Koroks, find a diary, climb a tower, and then see from afar what I think is locked memory location H, one of the few remaining locations. I go there; it is. Conveniently, my fruit detector is also going off, so I also get the fruit I’m looking for. Then I do another shrine so I can return here easily.

I still need to drop the fruit off at D and visit B.


That game is god damned magic.


If you get the DLC, you get the “path” extras to where you see what path you took. It only holds up to a certain amount. I think like 200 hours of game play. It’s really fun to watch where you went how many times you died and how many times you teleported.

My go-to teleport is the Dueling Peaks Stables. It was the first stable I encountered and easiest place to unload a bunch of amiibo cards for materials.

But man. That Champions’ Ballad. I just want to play that over and over again. That final cut scene always gets me.


That game ate me whole for about 2 weeks when I first got it.

My only question is where do they go from here? Aside from MOAR, I really don’t see any ways they could improve on the formula. Does anyone have any ideas on what they’d want to see in the sequel?


I want a few specific changes.

  1. Add more items that aren’t in the weapon breaking system, as it is frustrating to reach a point in the game where getting new weapons is frustrating, and I feel compelled not to use good weapons because they will break. I’m not saying that there should be no weapon degradation, but a part of the experience should be gaining a permanent arsenal as you hit major milestones.
  2. In addition to getting a permanent arsenal slowly, it would be nice if the abilities you get from the Divine Beasts (or a new game’s analogue) did a better job of feeling like they changed the experience. Revali’s Gale was the only one that I felt didn’t break the game (or become a gate for progress) but also was more than just a boring extra ability. It felt like a genuine upgrade to my ability to explore the world, and I want to get more abilities like that as I play through.
  3. BOTW basically has two tiers of dungeons: Shrines, which are fairly short, and Divine Beasts, which are big whole things. I would prefer three tiers: Tier 1 can stay Shrine short, but I want a Tier 2 of slightly longer experiences that feel a bit more involved and aren’t just about being designed around one idea.
    I’m sure there are others but those are the main things I would adjust?