Zelda: BotW and Zelda in general

I know we posted a lot in the Switch thread, but Zelda and BotW deserves its very own thread.

I now have 125 hours of playtime with only 2 Divine Beasts down and only one map tower not climbed. I’ve used all my pins for chests that I couldn’t loot because my inventory is full.

Now it’s “bad” enough that Jeremy had to get the game for the WiiU so we can play at the same time. Seriously this game is GOTY.

I love how there is always something to discover from Korok seeds, Shrines, mobs, whatever.

Also follow this tweet thread. So many good gifs and discoveries:

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Adding to the list of useful tips for hoarding items.


This game is amazing! I am not ready to finish it yet. With nineteen hearts, three full stamina wheels, and at least level 3 on many of my armors I think I can go ahead and finish the game. But, I think I’ll be missing out on the rest of the goods and secrets the world has to offer. I know there are 120 shrines and so far I have completed 90. I at least want to get those done.
Also, do not use ancient arrows on Lynels, if you do you will destroy them in one hit, and you won’t get any loot that way, and I noticed that the best way to get the most rare ancient pieces from the guardians is on who well you defeat them. I get way better loot by reflecting their lasers with my shield than using an ancient arrow.

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But I like one shotting them in the eye with an ancient arrow.

Ugh. If anything this game presses on skill for doing combat vs. just swinging/shooting away until they’re done.

I think I may go finally challenge an Lynel. There are like 40 Hynoxes or something because you get something from one of the stable guys if you defeat all of them. I actually maxed out all the pins for boxes i couldn’t loot because my inventory was full.

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Adding to the list of useful tips for hoarding items
[/quote]Also Cryonis on guardians over a pool of water.

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I tried to tip over the guardian, and it didn’t work. I will have to try again.

Man-mode the lynels, stick close to their face and keep aggressive. Perfect dodge their swings and charges. Charges especially have a long dodge window. If they go for their big AoE, stasis and swing away.
Always remember…

Not everything can be tipped over, some are rooted to the ground. Plus tipping them works with anything, even flimsy metal swords.

That’s what I tried. The flimsy metal sword. It was one that was not visibly rooted in the ground in any way. I’ll try a different one.


Is Link a freaking Nonman?



Having now beaten the game, I spent last night’s “I should be asleep already” hours combing over every inch of Hyrule Castle, inside and out. So much shit to see and find. And soooo much loot. My inventory overfloweth.

When I beat Gannon, I just snuck right up to him, entirely on the outside of the castle, so it was fun to dive in and see the rest. I had snuck into the castle and seen about 1/3 of it very early in the game, having only one Divine Beast done. It was essentially a loot run and was very cool/tense feeling of being in way over my head and really needing smart stealth tactics as well as special power and arrow usage. I wound up getting all the way to Ganon on that run, and I realize now, the game was forcing me to play through the 3 divine beast bosses before it would take me to the true forms of Ganon. So if you go in early, you are double fucked, since you have additional fights on top of likely being less prepared.

I wonder if there is a way to beat the Divine Beast bosses there and then skip out of the fight, causing them to already be beaten. I suspect it is a locked door situation once you start boss fight, but thought crossed my mind.

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I didn’t even think of sneaking over there.

I tried to go to the castle once. I was killed by robots and a horse that stopped running. Going to try again after I farm more rupees and get the ancient armor.

It took me 2-3 tries to find a path, but it didn’t take too long. Some stamina and speed potions as well.

Where is this bowling game you mentioned on show? I need rupees.

There is a cottage just at the foot of Tabantha Tower. Look on YouTube, there are a ton of videos showing how to get a strike (almost) every time. Each video has a different method, but they all basically have you throwing the ball in the same area. Do whatever works best for you. I found much more success with pro controller on TV, and much less using joycons.


That wall always has some ridiculously high detail advertisement painted on it.


I want to know the landscaper that works in Hyrule, because every single tree in this world has clearly been pruned to Hylian height.

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I like when you have to use trees to match up to photos from 100 years ago, and they’re basically identical.