Zelda: BotW and Zelda in general


There’s one simple way to make Lynel fights fun again…

Heck, with best girl’s grace, you won’t even get one-shot.


That makes it hard to feel excited about armor upgrades though.


I’m skipping the ancient armor I think. I got my climbing gear, Hylian/champion gear, and Zora gear upgraded mostly, and that seems like enough. Other than the fireproof clothes, I don’t think I’ll bother with any other outfits.


I wouldn’t even be mad.




Guardians are giving me so much grief. If one spots me all I can do is panic warp elsewhere, because they’ll just run me down and murder laser my ass.


Get out your shield. Even if it’s a pot lid. Then use L to lock onto the guardian. While your shield out you press A to parry. If you press A at the right time, even a pot lid can send the laser right back in the face of the guardian. If you get the timing wrong, you will break your shield.

The point is, that if you have the skills to press A at the right time, you will you can take on any guardian no problem.


Or get your stasis upgraded and start hacking their legs off. Less skillful but still pretty satisfying.


Are there any other ways to get fire resistance? I have white chu jelly but all I can find on the subject is chilled steamed fish.


Fire resistance or heat resisitance? Just want to clarify because they are two very different things.

Fire resistant potions can be bought at the stable in south Eldin, Goron city.

Heat resistant gear from the Gerudo and potions from various materials that note heat resistance.

Look it up in various wikis.


I bought the three pack from the lady at Foothill Stable. I’d need to look and see if it’s fire or heat, but since I’m trying to skirt around Death Mountain to get to Akkala and the tech lab I guess I need to worry more about fire resistance because I don’t plan to go into the heat.


That’s fire resistance. You can also make it from the salamanders around there or get it from the Goron armor in the Goron town.


First ninja went down like a noob, but now I’m suspicious of anyone just SOCMOB.


Eventide Island was way way good. I wish there were more shrines on that level of quality.

Also, nearby there was another shrine that had a quest to get into it that involved photographing fragments of an ancient tablet. I expected it to be a nothing shrine in there, but it actually had a puzzle. It wasn’t the best puzzle, but it was better than nothing.


Best shrine.

So I have 2 shrines left and 3 shrines quests. I don’t know how that even works out.


There may have been a shrine you did by accidentally stumbling upon it without doing the quest to find it.

Also, wow I am not even close to being that much done. I did a lot of work in the SouthEast today. I really like how the sun rises earlier in the day down there.


I made it to Korok forest but… oh my god 15 shrines before I can get the Master Sword?


If you have any stamina upgrades you can trade them for hearts, get the sword, then trade back.


The latest patch lets you do J audio with E subtitles.


Are the voices any better? I kinda wish I hadn’t finished the plot already.