Zelda: BotW and Zelda in general


I eat Lynels for breakfast.

They just eat 3 of my swords along the way.


Lifestyle choices are still paying off handsomely.


The Korok seed by the Yiga clan base is the best Korok seed I’ve seen yet.


Which, there’s a half-dozen there.


The one with the offering plates. The one that is very Yiga-specific.


So all of them, that was a nice road to walk through for seeds.


OMG. I never really looked. Thanks. Need to get 35 more to do the 55 seed weapon slot upgrade.

There is also a Shrine there too that I didn’t realize until someone in some other town told me about it.


So far, 3 beasts done, 100 korok seeds, 68 shrines, and the most impressive part in all this is that I just saw a fox drinking from a pool of water freshly created from some rain.


I started burning out on wandering/exploring, so I blitzed through the bird and desert great beasts in one sitting.

Now I’m Lynel hunting. I killed the biggest baddest Lynel I could find with little trouble.

Also, the flying power is kind of OP? I skipped multiple camel puzzles by using it…


This game needs more late-game hard combat. Lynels are trivial with high level armor, given that anything that doesn’t kill you outright can be healed instantly.


I wish it BOTW had Darknuts or something similar. I remember fighting them in Twilight Princess being one of the better parts of that game.


Ooooh, good call. It feels so good to see all the old Zelda enemies like Lynel, Keese, Moblin, but they did miss quite a few. The Peahat was really epic in OoT. It would have been great to see Peahat, Darknut, and a few others.

Early on in BotW it was a ton of excitement and fun to see new kinds of enemies when I went to each new area. Now I’m seeing mostly the same enemies over and over, just different colors. That’s been a bit disappointing. A Zelda II style Darknut would be way fun.


It was armor that ruined the Lynel for me. When I first encountered them, they were super fast 100% accurate one-shots if they even SAW me. My weapons were useless, and they’d chase me to my death.

But with three-star clothes and some bananas? I can just take the hits and wail on them forever.


I need to restock bananas. If I go back to the banana stash, will it be replenished via the blood moon?


Yes, I went back yesterday to see if I had missed any secrets or anything and all the bananas and jewels had been replenished.




There are always rupees in the banana stand.


Also bananas right outside the shrine, behind the stable in Faron. The one that’s near the bridge.

I’m feeling the burn out. Got the final Divine Beast. My goals today:

Do the Courage Shrine
Got the the Labyrinth in Hebra
Maybe hunt down Lynel to fully upgraded the Barbarian armor.
Start going to the castle to explore

I’ll probably finish this game this week and take a break.

I’ve noticed that chests give out items that will upgrade to your progress in the game. I went back to first 4 shrines on the great plateau for treasure chests I missed and the ended up being really good weapons with high attack power. That’s pretty cool vs. some lame Traveler’s sword.

I also enjoy the NPCs. Some of them that aren’t related to quests you do, end up being relevant. For example: if you finish the quest in Zora/Lanryu where you following the Zora girl’s love letter down the river to the Hylian and they end up hooking up together, go to the Inn in Zora, next to the cooking fire and there is her mother. She starts talking about her daughter’s poor choice in partners.

It’s little things like that, that amuse me.


I finished this 100% a couple of weeks ago, even getting all 900 Korok seeds. It took 120 hours and I don’t regret a single minute of it.