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With as many items as BOTW has, what if hidden somewhere is just a straight up gun?

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Gotta keep that E rating!

I found a bunch of old gunpowder cannons.

Same. I was very disappointed that they didn’t do anything. I couldn’t even magnet them.



I officially burnt out on Zelda. I can see myself going back one day, though.

I went Zora->Gerudo->Bird people->Master Sword->Goron then beat the game. 82 or 83 shrines if I recall correctly. I went back the day after I beat it and picked Hyrule Castle clean, which was fun, but then the next night, wandering the open world trying to knock off side quests and such had lost its luster.

I put 70 hours in and don’t regret a minute of it.

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That horse


I haven’t burnt out, or beaten the game, but I haven’t played in a week just due to being too occupied with other things.

Another problem is that because I have streamed every minute of Zelda that I have played so far (besides some rupee farming bowling), I feel like I can’t play if I’m not streaming. Or if I do play without streaming, I can’t do anything significant. Think I’ll just forget about that starting now.

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So far I did Fish People > tons of shrines/towers > Master Sword > Bird People…

Oh yeah. My order so far has been

Zora → Master Sword → Birds → Gerudo

Also did the Wisdom shrine pretty early. Before master sword. Maybe before Zora even?

My plan now is to go rad the castle, but not beat the game. Gonna get the maxed out ancient armor to make the game super easy. I already beat a few Lynels. I want to make it so even the baddest Lynel just runs away from me.

Also, I heard about a village in the game that I have never been to. I think it’s a Hylian village. That’s a pretty high priority.

Unless you were making major bank as a streamer, you definitely don’t let it run your life like that.

The triforce springs and their associated shrines don’t seem to really mean anything, nor do they have insane loot? But I too feel the urge to complete them, and treat them special b/c of their names. I did Wisdom and Power but never did Courage. I was right up in that dragon’s grill very early in the game, too, but did not know about the springs, so I didn’t shoot him for a scale. It’s certainly on my list for when I get the Zelda itch again.

Wait, you just shoot them to get the scale? The Wisdom one was a whole adventure.

Also, they are just Shrines? You don’t get a better ending or learn about the triforce? Laaaaame.

The Wisdom one “unlocks” that dragon. The other dragons are already roaming the world.

Awe. I wanted to see Scott take on the Thyphlo ruins where it’s 100% all dark. I’ve recently did that area/shrine and think I found all the treasure chests.

Right now I’m getting sorta burnt out but MK8 is coming out soon, so that’ll help with the small BotW breaks.

As for progress:
195 hours
105 shrines
3 Divine Beast (finishing Eldin soon)
227 Korok Seeds
42k rupees

Right now I’m trying to find Stealthfin to fully upgrade my stealth armor. I already got the dragon scales/horns to fully upgrade my Champion chest. It’s my go-to because you can see the health of enemies and figure out the best strategy of taking them down and with what weapon. I plan on upgrading the Ancient Armor to the max as well.

Still have areas in Tabantha Tundra to explore and I know there is one shrine there and the labryinth as well. I think I’ll stop after beat Ganon, last memory, all quests, all Shrines, and 300 Korok seeds.

I’m at the point where I’m just poaching lynels for their hooves, and am also getting burned out. I’ve already done a fair amount of exploring inside of Hyrule Castle, but I think next time I play I’m going to go ahead and confront Ganon.

I have 80ish shrines and 120ish seeds. Memories are the one thing I haven’t put much time in. I only have the handful I’ve come across while exploring.

One of the lynel bows shoots 5 arrows, and that’s what I’ve been using to clean up the guardians. I was trying to fully upgrade the ancient armor, but I can’t seem to find enough ancient cores, and the guardians aren’t really much of a threat anymore.


If you do the Korok Trials the shrines will give you cores and ancient cores. Yes, that 5x Lynel bow is so good. I use it for the stupid multiple balloon Korok seeds. I hear the Ancient Bow is really good too.

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[quote=“RobotMitchell, post:37, topic:616”]
Memories are the one thing I haven’t put much time in. I only have the handful I’ve come across while exploring.
[/quote]I got most of the memories despite only having done one beast, before I even got the Master Sword. I didn’t even bother with the painter guy: I just looked at the flora and skyline in the photos and figured out where they were myself.

I recently just noticed his ponytail looks like a paintbrush. It’s tiny insignificant, but fun little details like this that I enjoy about the game.