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New playlist! jazz hands


I started this a while back, and have been passively collecting a playlist of songs with official animated music videos:

That should be a collaborator link so if anyone wishes to add videos to the list, by all means, though please follow the selection criteria.

Official Animated Music Videos

I wanted to put together a list of proper music videos that use animation to create a compelling visual/aural experience. To maintain quality and focus over time I’ve established criteria for inclusion in approximate order of importance:

Primary criteria is the video is mostly animated. Style and medium doesn’t matter: hand drawn, digital, flash, 3D render, claymation, stop motion, machinima, collage, etc. Live action footage is only used sparingly or for artistic effect in a primarily animated setting.

Secondary criteria is that the work is an official music video by the music artist or animators, or their publishers; or is at a minimum presented with permission of all rights holders. No fan works, comps, mashups, etc that are made without some signoff by both sides.

Third criteria is that the animation is novel to the song for the purposes of the video. Not assembled from clips taken from other works, even if the music is from the work in question and the video is released officially to promote a movie or show.

Fourth criteria is that the music video is a proper music video. The video should be more than a visualizer, loop, or simple animated background. Generally there would be some amount of plot, development, characters, scenes, progression, evolving imagery etc. The video may be abstract or cyclical, but it should still have progression and some amount of direction and intent over the course of the visual work.

Fifth criteria is that the music and video is created with some appreciable level of skill. This means generally the musical acts are somewhat established and have partnered with established animators to create a compelling work. Obviously amateur projects are largely excluded.

There’s currently zero attempt at organization, quality control, or theme; videos currently are simply added as I find them.

Finally, animation can and often does get more graphic, explicit, and provocative than live action content can be (esp on YouTube) so this list is decidedly NSFW and some discretion may be advisable. Some videos may be objectionable. I have included works here for their animated status, without regarding the subject matter of the animation or the music. As a result, inclusion in this list does not equate to endorsing the quality, content, or message of the work, or endorsement of the creators.

If you can think of any songs that definitely belong on this list go ahead and include them, or throw me a DM or something and I’ll be happy to check it out and put it on.


Well, fuck.
Although this does remind me that it’s time to give support to some of the artists I’ve been listening to this year.

Now we know which streaming service pays artists the most. The answer might be surprising.


new playlist~!
it breaks some of the mixtape rules :sweat_smile:

i’m just glad i finished it bc i have seven NINE from 2020-1 that are 95% done and i’m just sick of listening to them lmao



I do dumb themes with my playlists.

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I made another dumb playlist, expecting it to be smaller than normal but very mistaken on that.