Your digital music playlists


Those who know me may know I love to craft mix-tape style playlists. I post them publicly on my Spotify page-channel-profile-thing.

Anyway, I feel like this one is 90% there, so it’s public now.


Finished a disco / french house hybrid playlist.


A soundtrack to the eventual emergence of a human from the embryonic atmosphere of earth:



it makes you wonder if someone will find out who the most blocked artist is. I’d actually be interested in finding this out!


The most blocked artists are going to be:

Piece of shit people who listeners want to boycott like R. Kelly or Chris Brown, any nazi bands that Spotify themselves doesn’t block, etc.

Whatever band people hate on simply because teenage girls like it, such as Bieber or One Direction.

Whatever artist gets in the news for making a political statement and causes a small outrage on the net and people start telling other people to block them en masse.