What TV Shows Are You Watching?


Pretty disappointed by the American Gods premiere. There’s so little characterization and context, a lot of surface detail, gore, and flash. Hyper focus on some interactions with barely any on others, and yet both leave you empty. The end of the episode has no impact, because plot occurs like a to do list. Also, the 80’s feel is inconsistent and unconvincing.


Yeah. Shadow seems to be not much of anything, but at the same time isn’t that the point? He is the mystery, where we try to figure out who he is and why he is a part of everything.

I’m enjoying Shane Black as Wednesday.

What is up with all the fucking blood and gore? This isn’t Spartacus. I do enjoy, that they are keeping the side stuff like Bilquis and the other stuff in the show.

I didn’t see anything specific about the time of the series. The car Shadow drove from the airport seemed like a new car.

Looking forward to the next episode. We’ll see how this goes.


LOL dat product placement.

I was mostly pointing to technology boy, but also just the cinematographic feel of the direction. Felt late 80s to a campy degree, like an old man trying to be cool.


Progression of Thought

Saw this:

Remembered that I had not yet seen the second season of this excellent show:

Realized that reality is a bleak place, and that I often escape it in equally bleak fiction.


Is RWBY any good? I’ve heard a lot of hype for it over the years, but the animation and voice acting are really painful. From what I’ve heard they don’t improve much either.


I just binge watched Dear White People.

It’s on the nose, but with a title like that & the fourth wall fun, it’s clearly intentional. The characters feel multi-dimensional; the way each episode focuses on a different person probably helps with that.

I love the way it delves into respectability politics, which pops up in conversations about race like solipsism when discussing existence. All it takes is one minority to have ambivalent feelings about protests, or riots, or movement leadership, and a person without the same level of… ahem nuance, piggybacks their All Lives Matter and Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? and Violence Isn’t The Answer. It’s a refreshing take without the saccharine Made For TV resolutions that take the teeth out of the argument, oversimplify the problem, or perpetuate ignorance. (But, remains palatable for white people… )

Also the Scandal parody is amaze. Also I wonder if Coco is an homage to Michaela on HTGAWM…


I haven’t heard people talking about RWBY itself but I did see a lot of fan art and stuff from the people who would post fan art for Legend of Korra. I had stopped following Rooster Teeth before it started but there doesn’t seem to be much overlap between the Red vs Blue people and the RWBY fans I have seen.

From animator people I follow said it is animated badly because the first three seasons was made in poser which isn’t made for animation and they changed to a different tool for season four so it might improve then. There is a Japanese dub of the series so that might help with the “I hate the voice acting” aspect.


If you want to watch every trope of anime shamelessly stolen then smushed into a godawful broth then yes, watch it. Case in point they have a corgi…called Zwie…you know…like Eine from Cowboy bebop…you see its an anime! That is the level you are dealing with.

Bile aside, with out Monty there to over sea it, the whole thing seems to have gone off the rails.


Yeah my original post was very light on detail as I had limited time to write it and I didn’t want to spoil it but talk to someone about the structure of the narrative.
I also thought it was on the nose but it kept me there long enough for he show to display the complexities of race relations.
It has some cheese to keep various audience types entertained but doesn’t ever strain far from being character driven and focused on the major themes.


The cheese is important too, because a lot of shows that center on minority issues can end up being trauma porn, or just dramatic. And… people unexposed to other cultural groups absolutely internalize that into their preconception of those people.



I’ll sign up for the free 7 day trial to watch the new Star Trek series.


Netflix will be airing a prequel to The Dark Crystal.



That last dude got it right.


Yeah, we only got an episode and a half into Iron Fist. I’ll track down some highlights or a 40 minute edit of the entire season to fill in the story.


Twin Peaks: The Return.

Don’t expect a nostalgia trip. It’s weird, uncomfortable, and totally unpredictable so far. Kyle MacLachlan is like three different characters and David Lynch’s Gordon Cole seems to be a more central character than he was in the original series, but he doesn’t even appear in the first two episodes.


The question is whether I should wait for all 18 episodes to be released before I start.

I watched Twin Peaks for the first and only time two years ago when they announced they were bringing it back.


We couldn’t wait, and decided to start watching right away. I think I’ll be happy to follow along one week at a time after this (which is also how I watched the original series - one episode from Netflix every week, enduring the soggy middle of season 2 in real time)

That way, you can also watch along with [URL=“https://www.idlethumbs.net/twinpeaks/”]Twin Peaks Rewatch[/URL]. :smiley:


It’s so good, but you know that I know this.