What TV Shows Are You Watching?


Basically my reaction to the ending too. Aside from a few nice elements the series was butt.


Adjectives in general are good for describing people (: Just put a “y” on it.

It’s made me think, though. I wonder how much cultural sexiness is rooted in objectification… as though embodying the essence of something makes one greater, instead of less (nuanced).


I actually didn’t mind Battlestar Galactica I ended up buying the set and have watched the entire series 3+ times through.

Sure there were lows and highs but no series is perfect throughout, (except possibly The Wire but that could be my bias speaking as I know some people don’t like certain seasons while others do).

Chefs Table
Season 3

I can’t stop watching this series, I binged it early on in the month when it was released. I really enjoyed the Korean monk episode - Jeong Kwan.
I also really enjoyed Ivan Orkin the white New Yorker of who successfully became a ramen king in Tokyo.

I also enjoyed the delve into the traditional Russian cooking that was lost with the communist movement but is being brought back dish by dish by a single chef.
The Peruvian chef was also interesting, having an entire menu based on ecosystems of the Peruvian Amazon, crazy but very interesting. (How many restaurants employ biological scientists to find and classify new species while searching for ingredients?).

I guess I have a draw to this show because both my parents went to culinary school and I keep getting reminded that my Dad was on the same line as these guys, I mean he was sou chef in a Michelin star restaurant before he was 25, had a French mast chef (who he met up again with when my parents went to Europe the year before last) and studied / specialised in butchery and meat preparation in Tokyo and New York. If he didn’t put his kid’s education first, I always wonder.

Although he loves his life in Australia so I can’t really know what’s going on with him, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t even register for him as he made the correct choice by his kids.


Dimension 404 from Hulu is a pretty fun little scifi anthology series. The intro is clearly “The Outer Limits but with the internet”, but the show plays out like a more lighthearted Black Mirror.


I’m watching the Judd Apatow Netflix show Love. It’s like Freaks and Geeks but everyone’s older and the writing isn’t as good but that’s still enough for me to watch it apparently.


Lyddi watched 13 Reasons Why over the last week and while I didn’t watch directly, I caught enough to be pretty disturbed by the way it nearly idolizes and justifies teen suicide.

This article sums it up pretty well https://theestablishment.co/13-reasons-scared-the-shit-out-of-me-and-it-should-scare-you-too-5d3fd4e8d300


I haven’t watched it but yeaah thats basically what I assumed when I first heard of it and from what I’ve gathered hearing things online. Really, Netflix?


On the topic of 13 Reasons, realised it was bullshit after the first episode, haven’t watched since.

On the topic of The Exapanse -
This season is crazy good, the political aspects and manoeuvring, space, hand to hand and gun combat has been realistic enough to sell me in the moment and everyone seems to have really grown into their characters and are acting top notch.

Avarsala’s dress changes continue to impress to the point that my Mum on walking by paused and said she was going to get something made like that for herself. Apparently the modern take or slight twist on the traditional sari makes sense as far as my Mother is concerned lol.


A writer for 13 Reasons is in my wider activust circle. She really, really wants us all to watch it, but I will take a pass so that if it comes up in conversation, I won’t have anything to say.

Before I tackle my recommendation lists, I am finishing up a few Kdramas, including Goblin. For those that don’t follow Kdrama, Goblin was one of the most hyped shows this year. I am one episode away from the end, and thus far, it is a great kernel of a show that either needed more plot or 1/2 the number of episodes. It has a few plot holes, but it strikes an amazing balance of the fantastical with the mundane and the light/fun adorableness with the more somber and deeply moving. Come for the beautiful imagery and enchanting (if an oddly extreme May December) romance, and stay for the funniest, most compelling bromance/frenemies ever on screen. However, if you are interested in trying out a fantasy Kdrama, start with Arang and the Magistrate. Goblin had so much more promise, but the pacing and lack of plot made it drag. Arang, on the other hand, is great from start to finish.


My girlfriend basically watched the whole thing this weekend and I didn’t really care for the tones it takes with some of it’s subject matter. But on top of that I found the dialog to be really stilted.


Marathoned Riverdale at the recommendation of one of my friends. Pretty good, far from perfect, but fun enough.


It is a surprisingly enjoyable guilty pleasure show.


I have been watching The West Wing, and it’s been excellent. The dialogue is snappy and funny and all in all enjoyable. Also the fact that the main characters are: POTUS, FLOTUS, Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, Communications Director, Deputy Communications Director, Press Secretary, Presidential Aide, and secretaries to all of the above. Gives me some small insight into the day to day of people like sean spicer and reince priebus.

I also made a deal with a cousin, I’d watch the show Westworld (I watched one episode and got grumpy that it wasn’t exactly Yul Brynner in 2016) if he would watch the first season of Breaking Bad, so I guess I’m watching that too.


Ed Harris is no Yul Brynner, but he’s no slouch either. Also Anthony Hopkins is a major upgrade over the lesser Attenborough, since we’re in Jurassic Park But Humans.


The Get Down: Part 2
Baz Luhrmann’s coming of age romance theatrical piece set in the birth of hip hop continues to be fun and entertaining. The show does well to try and keep many of the historical figures accurate and gives an appropriate vibe for the times. While addressing racism at the time (however it was likely 100 times worse considering the current state of the US.

It’s a cheesy show but it revels in it’s cheesiness, just like the comics. It knows what it is doesn’t try to play itself off as anything else. Hilariously silly at times and very obviously intentional.


Yeah I didn’t consciously realize how silly it was until I described it to someone as “Mean Girls meets NCIS”, which I feel is an accurate description. Those two things shouldn’t work as well together as they do.


I like to describe it as “Mean Girls meets Veronica Mars/Twin Peaks.”


I would recommend Veep as a palate cleanser after watching the West Wing. Aaron Sorkin makes the government out to be far more interesting than it actually is. Having some experience with political officials and on the good word of a few of my friends, I would say Veep is the more realistic depiction of the boring and mundane life of a public official.


Dear White People
Netflix (2017)
I had no idea of what to expect of this show but was pleasantly blown away by the first 2 episodes to the point that I ended up binge watching the entire season today.

Very smart, very insightful, didn’t seem to hold back too much about exploring what I imagine is the current American climate or what it was last year. (It’s obviously much more in your face at the moment).

Highly recommend anyone to try this regardless of your background.

It’s not like one of those CW type shows so it can get a bit real.
It’s by no means perfect and hits quality peaks in the early to middle of the season but is great throughout.


I enjoyed the movie that this show is based on, so I’ll definitely check this out.

Now that there’s a TV show, I don’t know if the movie is still worth watching, if the TV show basically covers the same ground as the movie but in a more expanded format, but in the same vein, if you haven’t seen Dope yet, check that out.