What TV Shows Are You Watching?



It has a castle and it has a whip. Already going to right direction.


So American Gods took about 3 episodes to really hook me. I am enjoying the liberties the writers are taking. It adds more depth to the lesser characters.

But holy shit is Gillian Anderson fucking slaying it as Media. Both as Bowie and Munroe. I am in love.


Master of None is such a nice watch. Very refreshing. It’s cracking me up more than expected.


Netflix deciding to stop Sense8 was disappointing considering how great season 2 was compared to season 1. The actors finally felt like the characters they were portraying, there was peak Watchowski gun fight and action scenes. The character arcs continued to explore race and gender but less in your face and as such became more powerful.

I absolutely agree with them cancelling the others but it was kind of weird to hear this one was cancelled only weeks to a few months after the release.

I feel as if depending on binge watching number is pretty misleading.

Probably a money thing to considering how many different countries the filmed in The authenticity of the shoots (when not on set were great).

Sure it wasn’t a perfect show but it brought to the table way more than anything else and it was different enough to be interesting and overlook some tropes.


From what I read, it was due to the cost of production and that the shaky early episodes didn’t attract a wide enough audiance to stick it out until the show found its footing.


I had trouble getting into the first Eps of the series and ended up putting it on the back burner of shows.

So I can understand that issue.


Yeah, a friend told me to reserve judgement until the end of the third episode, otherwise I’m not sure I would have stuck with it.


I didn’t carry on after the first episode, but Juliane was enthusiastic about me carrying on to the end. I guess now I know the story won’t be finished I won’t put more time into it.


I usually get more invested in characters than I do plot, so I’ll probably still finish it, but now I’m in no hurry.


We intentionally didn’t binge watch it because we wanted to draw it out. I am disappointed it was canceled when shows like 13 Reasons Why stay.


Seems like it’s going to get a 2 hour finale next year.


First season of Netflix’s Castlevania came out and I watched it. I quite liked it, it’s not Worlds of Power, but still pretty good. Sadly it’s too short, the four episodes being basically just a setup for proper Castlevania action. The titular castle even was only barely seen.


Please continue reporting on it. I may activate my Netflix if it’s good.


I think I said what I can. I enjoyed it, but what’s available is less than two hours worth and we might have to wait until next year for season 2. So if you don’t have anything else you want to watch on Netflix, it’s time to cost ratio might not be worth it.


So Nuri and I tried watching Riverdale last night, and could not get past the first episode. We might give the second one a try, but after getting halfway through 13 Reasons Why, I think we’ve had our fill of overwrought teen drama.

I want to like it, but it’s just too much.


Just finished up watching Glow, I went in with no expectations and it was pretty interesting and very well acted by the leads as well as most of the rest of the cast.

Mostly on the dramatic side with lots of comedic relief (which was hit and miss for me). Still worth the watch and each episode is only 30 minutes which is quite acceptable over a meal. There are very definite character arcs over the season and hopefully they don’t cancel this show as I’m looking forward to the next episode.


My only question about that show is if Jughead is wearing a Burger King crown.


There is a crown of sorts, the hat he wears is very clearly trying to pay fan service to the comic in that sense. It’s pretty fun but stupid show. Fun enough that I watched the entire season. very dependant on personal taste, not universal at all.


Yeah there is almost zero chance that I will watch it ever, considering I still feel like I’m wasting my time when I watch highly regarded TV shows haha. But at least it satiates my curiosity.