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I finally finished up season 1 of The Expanse and I totally get what people were saying about the ending being kinda lame. I enjoyed the hell out of the first 9 episodes, but that season finale was painfully boring and a lot of it felt random, as if was written via that game where you hand a sheet of paper around the room and everyone adds their own sentence to it.

I finished Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (2016) and quite enjoyed it. It borrows themes and ideas but a different, related sort of humor from the Douglas Adams’s books of the same name, but it’s very much its own thing rather than an adaptation. This iteration of the TV show was created by Max Landis, who I otherwise only know from The Death and Return of Superman short from 2012. Both of which star Elijah Wood (as not Dirk Gently).

You look uncannily like Frito from Ringing of the Three Lords.

Dirk Gently also has the most hilarious hostage exchange on a bridge scene I’ve ever seen. It feels like a game of Fiasco but with every loose end actually being a related thread that eventually connects back.


I’ve been watching Incorporated, it has all of the Cyberpunk aesthetics of Netrunner. I’ll admit, I enjoy it more for the aesthetics than the plot line, as the episodes can be a bit slow at times. In terms of executive producers I think Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are contributing. The only actor in it that I recognize is the president from 24, Dennis Haysbert, who plays a “Quiet Room” interrogator. Episode 3 also especially has a neat opening as it features corporate indoctrination for kids

You should check out Wrestling isn’t Wrestling which is great little short film in the same style.

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The Expanse is quite fantastic, although it ends it’s first season abruptly. Excited for season 2

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Incorporated has some really cool aesthetics, and I like the show’s use of technology, but the plot lines are some of the most cliched and stale in television. I’m disappointed that a show with such a good setting is wasting it on lame stories that I don’t really care about.

I feel the same way. The world of a walled off corp city and the outside DMZ slums are soild. The corp tech is cool but could use cyborg tech too. As for the main plot I really could care less about the double life Corp guy trying desperately at any cost to save his would be girlfriend.

Finally finished up Luke Cage. Pretty great except for some pacing and villain issues in the second half, which I think most people agree with me on from what I’ve heard. Elaboration under the tag:

Spoilers I really wish Cottonmouth hadn't died. Feels like they could've kept doing a ton more with him what with how much care went into his development in the first half. I mean I like Mariah as a villain too (she's a fascinating mix of steely strength and just-barely-holding-it-together), but they worked so much better as a duo IMO. And Diamondback would've worked so much better if we'd seen more of those flashbacks from the last episode earlier on. As it was I didn't feel the former connection between him and Luke at all, so it made his over-the-top villainy even harder to swallow.

Also pffffft super magic science acid bath that fixes everything was a bit silly, even considering the Seagate stuff. But whatever, superhero shenanigans I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, it was definitely binge-able as expected and I’m looking forward to seeing what The Defenders and an eventual season 2 will do for these characters. Really looking forward to more of Misty Knight especially. Any scenes with her were pretty much always A+++. :+1:

Also man, having finished both this and Jessica Jones in recent memory (TL;DR review: SO AWESOME!!), and having had a good time with Doctor Strange, I’ve really got a hankering to go back through all the MCU stuff like @lukeburrage has been doing this past year. I don’t know if I could do Agents of SHIELD, but I’d at least like to revisit all the movies and watch the two TV series I haven’t seen yet (Daredevil and Agent Carter).

I have to say the 4th season of Agents of Shield is really hitting the right notes. It’s too bad it’s first season was so uneven.

Yeah. If you just push through the first half of season 1, it gets a lot more enjoyable. It ties in to most of the movies and almost redeems Age of Ultron. Almost.

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Been watching Agents of Shield since day one. I didn’t mind the first seasons one off stories. That being said once Agent Ward turned the series really seem to solidify. Lastly I know the new LMD arc just started but I’m pretty underwhelmed about it so far. Especially after coming off the Ghost Rider arc.

Is it possible to just watch season 4 of SHIELD with maybe just reading summaries to fill in basic info for the rest? TBH Robbie Reyes is the only thing that grabs my interest for watching that show, so I’d be tempted to just start there and go with it.

Not sure if anyone but me watches Black-ish but last week’s episode (episode 12 “Lemons”) did an incredibly good job of exploring what Americans may have been thinking about after the election, from multiple points of view from the confines of the show and gave at least me some more insight into the political landscape from a black person’s perspective.

I have one episode left in the second season of the new Netflix Voltron. Unless something drastically changes in the last episode, the second season is much better than the first.

Yeah it started a bit weak but damn did it finish strong.

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The final episode of Voltron was awesome. The computer animation is gorgeous, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where they go in season 3.

Technically, Dark Matter was/is a SyFy show, not an original Netflix show.

That being said, I watched the entire first season last year, and was pretty meh on it. I saw that there’s a second season now on Netflix, but I have no real desire to return to the show.

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No, I’ve heard good things, although the same people who liked the show said that the season finale was either a letdown or a mess.

While I’d like to watch the show, I kind of want to read the books first. Same thing with the Magicians, another show I’d like to watch.

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[quote=“jabrams007, post:20, topic:277”]
No, I’ve heard good things, although the same people who liked the show said that the season finale was either a letdown or a mess.
[/quote]I wouldn’t say that. The episode is fine by itself, the show itself has smaller problems that basically culminate in that final episode. It’s a bit sparse on the worldbuilding, it’s a bit weird with the pacing, and when it gets to the final episode, it feels like it just cut off suddenly, without fulfilling the promises it made throughout the rest of the show.

That said, it’s still worth the watch. But yeah, read the books first. I think the series seems to have been made on the assumption that you’ve read the books, and I think it shows through more than it really should.


Oh man, it was hard to get through the first episode of Dark Matter. It was like watching someone’s D&D power fantasy in space. It was just soooo bad.