What TV Shows Are You Watching?


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Like you wrote, the character may be dated, but this could have been an awesome show
[/quote]Case in point, Luke Cage. Dude was basically the worst of blacksploitation stereotypes played to eleven. TV show, a thoughtful exploration of race and power in the modern day, because they changed it up and followed the more modern comics.

And for some reason, they completely failed to do exactly what they’d already done with a second character, that it should have been FAR easier to do it with.


I have seen someone compare it unfavourably to Wes Anderson film. But I view this show is basically a superhero show in the same way that Pushing Daisies was a Detective serial. It takes itself as seriously as the story needs to be told - but it is being told in a magic realist reality bending way. I have basically been using pictures of Aubrey Plaza as reasons to watch it. The James Bond title scene style dance number she does in episode six was excellent example of this.


“Daughters of the Dragon” spin-off for Colleen and Misty Knight please, like yesterday.

Also pretty much agreed with everyone re: Iron Fist. Shit’s bad. I’m at episode 8 and probably not gonna continue. If I do, it’ll be purely as a completionist thing for The Defenders. The only aspects I’m enjoying are 1) what scraps of character they let Colleen have, 2) Claire (as always), and 3) Madame Gao, because Wai Ching Ho always brings her A-game to that role. It’s clear she has a great time playing that character and she has a very strong, yet subtle screen presence.

Speaking of Defenders: I really hope that maybe with a different creative team and a more action-packed scenario to play off of, that show can wring something more interesting out of the Danny Rand character. Better choreography at least? Maybe…?


I managed some enjoyment from Iron Fist (although I was playing Breath of the Wild most of the time I had it on, that probably helped). Other than Colleen Wing, probably the best thing to come out of the show was episode 8 reminding me that I’m long overdue a Drunken Master/classic Jackie Chan film marathon.


The Iron Fist character is half way there, I’m only through half the season. He’s supposed to be an utter doofus that plays the smart alec alongside serious characters. If this show was more on the side of all out humour, it would stand up way better as the version of the character which really explores the serious side is closer to the content from the Dr Strange movie than what is depicted.

The Rand Corp stuff is corny and is forced so that The Hand can be connected to Rand and Danny early.

Not knowing what he’s doing at work or not caring as long as he has his riches and Kun Lun is safe should be all that matters. The legal side of it was interesting as it attempted to show what would happen in that type corporate situation but it dragged on a bit.

As a result of this Colleen Wing ended up being the more interesting character.

The fight scenes were a let down, was hoping that this was where all the budget went to but it was disappointing. Not near the brutality of Daredevil or the special effects of Cage.

For me it’s the 3rd best as Jessica Jones was utter trash in my opinion, they totally butchered the original character, villain and storyline.

Yeah but the show is based on the character that was resurrected from the blacksploitation days, he’s almost been lifted directly from the recent comics into the show except the show was on the cornier side.


I agree with the issues with Iron Fist, but I’m enjoying it regardless, The Iron Fist in the comics is well trained and a “Iron Fist” through and through while the Iron Fist in the TV show doesn’t seem to have trained past eating the dragons heart and then he just ran off. I’m taking it for what it is and enjoying the crazy Hand Ninja’s. Apparently the guy who played the Drunken master hand ninja was in the running to play Iron Fist originally, would have been interesting. Regardless hopefully he’ll be more interesting playing off Luke Cage in Defenders, I don’t hate the actor, they just decided to perform a damaged not fully trained Iron fist to mixed results.

The show also needed a Second person Narrator like his first comic :-p “You Assume the Cat Stance, You wait, You Taunt and they STRIKE!”


I sometimes wish superhero comic book TV was its own thing and not even considered TV, because all I’m getting from all this discussion is that my shitty existance on this star-orbiting ball of iron and stone is- yet measurably less shitty by simple fact of ignoring the bulk of TV based on superheroes, all but for the level of ignorong it one has to endure.

In other TV, The Americans is back on TV, and is still awesome. I am really enjoying this Vietnamese spy kid subplot, and the developments with everyone’s loyalties and expectations while pushing ahead.and also the disguises are on point as ever. This season: nasty mystery bugs could threaten the Soviets, Stan Beeman’s goofy smile could threaten his chances with gym girl, and Bennigans leftovers can threaten even the staunchest commie radical’s diet.

On the bugs front I’d enjoy the hell out of a The Americans and a proto X-Files crossover somehow being made where the Jennings are chasing after alien Conspiracies for The Center and a younger Smoking Man is enlisting Stan and a super novice Mulder to track down the same.

Also The Expanse is on tonight and this season has been ramping up towards exciting new things after a slight mid-season lull. Plus Expanse Season 3 is confirmed! Excelsior!



Wow. Just, wow.

Rewatch: Battlestar Galactica (2004)
I recently began rewatching one of my all-time favorite shows, BSG - right up there with The West Wing and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. This is my third re-watch of the show and it still holds up. Even knowing the outcomes, most of the early episodes (I am 9 episodes in) suck me in - great suspense, tight direction, almost consitently strong performances, layered metaphores, and so on. Also, gottdam Starbuck! Gottdam!

Spoilers ahead if you aren’t familiar with the ending.

I have often wondered at the hatred so many had for the ending because, as has been reaffirmed by the rewatch, it blended the supernatural, references to the mythical, and some shakesperian drama, so it made perfect sense that it become a cyclical creation myth.


I think the final season would have done better if it hadn’t been for that stinker of a third season. That said, I really miss stargate universe and caprica. Despite all of their issues, I think they had a lot of potential.


I really enjoyed BSG up until they revealed the Final Five Cylons. I was incredibly disappointed with that and it seemed clear that the show really had no idea where it was going or how to handle that. It eventually recovered, but I was hoping for something really epic, and didn’t get it.


BSG talk?

I can bust out this old video.


@no_fun_girl Yes × 100 on Caprica. I never got into the Stargate shows, though on paper I should love them.

While the writers strike muddled the story a bit, I didn’t hate the 3rd season at all.

@jabrams007 Crossroads Part 2 is, in my opinion, one of the best directed episodes of any show ever. (I love it as much as I love Twenty Five from The West Wing. Apparently I have a thing for episodes that have a single song threading through an entire episode. Self-consitent aesthetic and building tension for an aural and narrative climax FTW!) I actually thought the show had a strong narrative thread from Crossroads until the ending, which I also thought was incredibly epic in scope (mixed hope and caution for an entire race - a creation myth sprung from a survival tale) and yet incredibly personal and appropriate for the main characters.


That woman is liquid sex. Knew it when she was in Parks and Rec. Know it now.


We are continuing with Agents of Shield, and are 5 episodes into season 3. It’s pretty okay so far.

Abstract is a documentary series, on Netflix, like Chef’s Table, where each episode tells the story of a single creative person, but in this case designers rather than chefs. The professions include graphic design, typography, illustration, architecture, shoe design (mainly Air Jordans and the Back To The Future self-lacing sneakers), car design, photography, and interior design. All of them are really good, and follow some of the top names in their fields, with some stand out episodes which are examples of masterful storytelling and documentary making.

That is, all except the interior design episode, which drops the ball in so many places, and doesn’t follow the structure of the other episodes. It’s so surprisingly mediocre that it just shows up the craft of the other episodes, and Juliane and I discussed it for almost two hours, getting to the heart of what made it so bad and what made the other episodes so good.


The only thing I hated about the BSG ending is there is 2 or 3 spots in it where it could of ended in the last episode but it just kept going. Some of the ending spots are very satisfying on a character level (Roslin’s death being the biggest) but not on a philosophical level which the final end gives you.


FWIW seeing another woman referred to as “liquid sex” makes me uncomfortable.


I’ve been watching surprising amounts of the Twitch’s Power Rangers Marathon. It’s goofy and silly and I’m enjoying it way too much. Though my luck has been that I’ve cached a lot of season starts and ends, which means episodes with plot progression instead of just monster of the week stuff.


It does? Sorry. I always thought it was a pretty common and inoffensive phrase. It doesn’t bother me to see other men being referred to as such, but I’ll stop using it here since it bugs you. Have you got an alternative, similarly evocative phrase that I could use instead?


Season 4 retroactively ruined my entire enjoyment of BSG.


There was no plan.