What TV Shows Are You Watching?



The new Bodyguard miniseries on Netflix was pretty good. As an American, it’s always interesting to see political intrigue shows about other countries, although a focus on Brexit would have been more timely.

It was also somewhat refreshing to watch a show with a strong woman politician that’s more realistic and nuanced than the Claire Underwoods at one end of the spectrum and the Selina Meyers at the other. Finally, I’m not sure how many shows I’ve seen where the main protagonist is suffering from a mental disability (in this case PTSD). Plenty of shows have main characters that are on the Autistic/Asberger’s Spectrum, which seems to give them special “powers,” but in this show, Budd’s PTSD is clearly hindering his decision making abilities and actions.

The show is only 6 episodes, each about 50 minutes long. I recommend it.


Maniac (Netflix) was an enjoyable watch in the vein of Legion.


That’s definitely on my list of shows to watch.


Yuusha Yoshihiko is pretty much old school (read: First generation FF & DQ) JRPG turned TV show plus a dash of “real world” problem solving.