What TV Shows Are You Watching?




The new Bodyguard miniseries on Netflix was pretty good. As an American, it’s always interesting to see political intrigue shows about other countries, although a focus on Brexit would have been more timely.

It was also somewhat refreshing to watch a show with a strong woman politician that’s more realistic and nuanced than the Claire Underwoods at one end of the spectrum and the Selina Meyers at the other. Finally, I’m not sure how many shows I’ve seen where the main protagonist is suffering from a mental disability (in this case PTSD). Plenty of shows have main characters that are on the Autistic/Asberger’s Spectrum, which seems to give them special “powers,” but in this show, Budd’s PTSD is clearly hindering his decision making abilities and actions.

The show is only 6 episodes, each about 50 minutes long. I recommend it.


Maniac (Netflix) was an enjoyable watch in the vein of Legion.


That’s definitely on my list of shows to watch.


Yuusha Yoshihiko is pretty much old school (read: First generation FF & DQ) JRPG turned TV show plus a dash of “real world” problem solving.


After one episode of Altered Carbon it seems like I should just go watch GITS:SAC 1st GIG again instead.


We just finished off Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and I fucking loved it. Never read the source material, so this was my only exposure.

I was initially taken in by clever wordplay and the fantastical setup, but I really appreciated the maturation of the themes as the show went on, particularly the way it morphed from a black-and-white depiction of right and wrong to the much messier gray area of adulthood. An excellent tale of growing up and coming to grips with the messiness that is life.

Also, Neil Patrick Harris is a national treasure.


I need to watch this show.

I’m halfway through the new season (5) of Luther, that just came out. While Idris Elba is always amazing, and I love past seasons of the show, this season’s plot just isn’t really doing it for me. Maybe things will improve in the latter two episodes, but I kind of think that the writers of Luther just don’t know what to do with the show anymore and just need to let it end.

Also, Miss Sherlock was a lot of fun. It’s hard to separate the show from Sherlock, but I thought this new Japanese adaptation was good and worth watching. It’s interesting how resetting Sherlock Holmes into Japanese society compares to Benedict Cumberbatch’s almost over-the-top portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.


Agreed, Luther was dragging and the ending was just :cold_sweat: I wasn’t feeling it, and Alice felt more plot-device than human.


Granted, I haven’t seen the final two episodes yet, but I definitely agree that, so far, Alice seems more like a plot device, to create tension and suspense, than a real human. I kind of like the “actual” case so far, and wish Alice wasn’t involved at all.

Having just binged the previous four seasons of Luther over the past couple of weeks, I wish they had gone in a different direction for the fifth (final?) season.


I never thought that I would say this, but Season 3 of The Magicians is fantastic. The first season was “meh” and relied too heavily on banal sex scenes, the second season was fun but trivial, but the third season had some of the best plotting, humor, character development, and pacing of any single season of live action television that I have ever seen.

To speak to the now quite dated Netflix Marvel conversations above, the only one I can stand is Jessica Jones. I enjoyed both seasons. DD lost me in its second season. The main characters became idiot children. Luke Cage lost me halfway through the first season. Iron Fist was terrible from the get-go. Defenders was functionally Iron Fist season 2, so it was also awful. However, Jessica Jones still has me. I think I am in the minority, but I preferred JJ S2 to S1. It was more about Jessica, the whole person, rather than Jessica the victim.

The Good Place remains must-see TV.

Other shows that I have seen in the past several months that are worth watching: Killing Eve, Counterpart, Sabrina, and Doctor Who #13.


Killing Eve & Counterpart :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:
Also rec: Maniac
I forget if you’ve seen them, but you should: Dear White People, Insecure
Weird worth it: The Path, Young Pope, The OA, 3%

Magicians new season soon!
Also new season of Future Man!


I have been repeatedly impressed by that show. It’s top tier television, and I’m still amazed it was made.


It’s cracking me up. Above expectations.


I’ve been looking for something to watch with my so, heard good things about The Orville, we both like SciFi, and I wanted to watch something lighter, so The Orville it was!

We got to Ep 6, Krill, and it really showed that while Seth really wanted to do a StarTrek show that was real, like people go to the bathroom, coworkers grouse on the bridge, his dynamic between him and his XO is hilarious, he really wanted to show honest to god hard philosophical problems. I’m glad that even just the episode 6 exists, StarTrek always seemed to be very morally black and white, very sterile. This is definitely not that. It’s messy, it’s real. It’s currently my favorite StarTrek. I haven’t watched Discovery yet though, so who knows?


Anyone else watching Russian Doll? I’m 5 eps in and loving it.

Full disclosure my namesake Elizabeth Ashley is in it.


I started watching it earlier tonight. I finished watching it just now. I have feelings about it.

It… It was very very very well done.


Marvel has greenlit four adult animated series for Hulu.

Holy shit! Howard the Duck is back!


Two things I never thought would come together…are coming together.


A lot less sleeping with aliens will be happening in that version :-p