What TV Shows Are You Watching?


I assume it’s the Ninja/Triad, everyone but Kingpin that is a villain is Asian problem?

Only watched the first eps of the 3rd season so far. Taking it slow.


Take a drink every time the white protags violate a black person’s physical, verbal, or professional boundaries; every time their demands or expectations are framed as more important/justified; every time a black male body is a narrative shortcut for threat.

That and the gun scene with Karen which is fucked in a whole lot of ways. Karen is super problematic towards black characters in general. Also the Foggy interaction with Tower. I’ve only watched about half the season so… I’m sure there will be more.


When I saw this on twitter, I assumed you were talking about the movie and sorta wondered what I missed. This clears things up.


Lol Ben Affleck


Just finished Season 4 of Peaky Blinders and it was a good time. Not sure about some of the gun battles, they were more showpiece than representative of the type of results you’d expect from such encounters; but this show isn’t about showcasing 20’s era tactics or anything.

Getting Adrien Brody was a great idea even if he was often on the edge of some hilarious cartoonish stereotype of the imagined pop-culture Mafioso, he still managed to sell it since everyone else is on the same edge in their own way. It’s a highly stylized show but it just manages to have a different vibe than what most people have really seen before. Despite a lot of ways it could have gone too far into bad, Brody managed to keep the stakes up and the threat to feel real.

Getting Aidan Gillen was less of a good idea because they let him just play Littlefinger with a wig. Whether that was their choice or just his way of handling it that they let him get away with, his voice isn’t exactly what I’d call subtle or enjoyable. His role is noted but not particularly gripping. He’s just there. If he’d just had a bit different voice that wasn’t so obviously his Littlefinger one, I wouldn’t have even noticed it was him. The one saving grace was the meta enjoyment of seeing him play against Tom Hardy again.

Anyhow, after Season 3 I was turning a bit meh on the series, but now I’m looking forward to Season 5 very much.


That movie isn’t racist, it’s equally offensive to everyone.


Kingpin is the only villain given any kind of character development. The other white guys are so bland they could have been anyone. The two asian villain characters don’t have any real growth and just play to specific tropes.

Daredevil is nearly as problematic as Iron Fist in terms of “White Guys who know Kung Fu”, Daredevils doesn’t get the same flak as Iron Fist because of the whole “Super-powered Senses, but Blind”. Which is still a call back to Zatoichi, but because of the comics format it’s a different experience reading a Daredevil Comic vs a Zatoichi movie.


We stopped watching halfway through Season 2 (I can only watch a blind man get his ass kicked for so long), and I always intend to get back to it. Is it actually worth following through given the aforesaid garbage of the current season?


I stopped watching the Marvel shows like a 1/3 of the way through Daredevil season 2 and have never looked back.

Held my interest longer than the movies did, I guess.


The second half of Daredevil season 2 was a slog, and then Iron Fist (which I stopped watching after three episodes) sucked out all my enthusiasm for Defenders. Defenders wasn’t good.

Since then I enjoyed season 2 of Jessica Jones, but only sampled the first episodes of Luke Cage season 2 and The Punisher. Both were fine, but I just haven’t felt the need to spend time on them.

The only Marvel show I know I want to catch up on completely is Agents of Shield season 5. Also go back and watch Agent Carter.


The Punisher arc was the only great part of Season 2. Hell, it might have been the best part of the whole series. It was even better than Punisher’s own show. But these days, Netflix is so crammed with stuff that’s hard to sell me to keep watching if I hear “Oh, it’ll get good past a season” or “It dipped this season.” I already wasted a season on Disenchanted and plan to go no further.

In terms of stuff I have been watching, there’s been some nice animation. Hilda is lovely as people have said with that type of supernatural, slice-of-life feel. Plus to any fans of We Bare Bears, Season 3 of that show is on Netflix and is also very delightful.


I have a theory, which I literally just came up with about five minutes ago, that the Netflix Marvel shows are only as good as their villains. Without a good villain, the shows tend to be mediocre to poor. However, if there is a good villain, the show tends to be decent to good.

Daredevil Season 1 was good because Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin was great.

The first half of Daredevil Season 2 was good because John Bernthall as the Punisher was great.

Jessica Jones Season 1 was great because of David Tennant as the Purple Man.

The First half of Luke Cage Season 1 was great because of Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth.

By contrast, the second half of Daredevil Season 2 was meh because Elektra was never that great and random ninjas were boring.

Iron Fist Season 1 was just hot garbage and Season 2 was decent because Davos was a much better villain.

I happen to like Luke Cage Season 2. Alfre Woodard, as Black Mariah, and Theo Rossi, as Shades, made for compelling villains. Even Mustafa Shakir, as Bushmaster was decent, as opposed to the terrible Erik LaRay Harvey as Diamondback in the second half of Luke Cage Season one…

As much as I love Kristin Ritter as Jessica Jones, without a good villain, Season two seemed to drag.

The Defenders was just terrible, again, partially because it had no good villains and partially because it was based more on Iron Fist than any of the other shows, and Iron Fist season one was hot garbage.


Watching it for the first time, Twin Peaks is really weird. It’s like 1/3 Stranger Things, 1/3 Mindhunter, and 1/3 soap opera.

It feels weird seeing all these scenes that feel familiar, if only because they’ve been copied by everything else for the last 25 years.

It’s pretty slow moving - I don’t know that I would recommend it in 2018.


I don’t know if you’ve seen this handy guide yet:


People loved that 2017 reboot, so think it still works today.


I had not. I’m through 6 episodes, and my plan had been to stop after season 1. Maybe now I’ll watch a couple more… and the finale?

@Nukerjsr people with nostalgia from watching it during the original run, maybe. I’m skeptical.


You are wrong, it wasn’t nostalgia points. If they lived through Season 2 which has some really bad, unnecessary subplots, they could easily do Season 3 which was critically acclaimed.


Season 3 fucking rules and was the best thing on TV in 2017.


Twin Peaks Season 3 is Lynch recycling his usual bullshit dream imagery but at least this time with the forethought to plan a whole season rather than go episode by episode.

But at least we got a few more scenes with Albert—including the best line in the season. I miss you, Miguel Ferrer.


I’ve already told you why you’re wrong about Twin Peaks 3 not being great last PAX Unplugged; don’t make me do it again this year, mister.