What TV Shows Are You Watching?


Reminds me of this excerpt from a book about Portugal:


Iron Fist Season Two was much better than the first season. I give it a solid C+/B-.

The show still suffers from the problem that pretty much every character is more interesting than the “main” character, but after seeing Finn Jones in Luke Cage Season 2, I have come to the conclusion that this is more the writers’ fault than the actor’s. The show still has no idea what to do with Danny Rand or how to portray Iron Fist as a compelling character.


In Luke Cage, Danny Rand worked because he was just casual santa.

I think it’s going to be difficult in general to write a likable or interesting rich white male character who (also) inherits a orientalist trope of a (still rather underpowered) legacy belonging to a foreign culture with relatively minimal effort / investment (compared to far more capable members of that culture), and yet still finds the time to whine/brag about it. Not to mention the readily apparent lack of actual fighting skill that the choreographers and editors have to work around, and still can’t make quite convincing.

I’m not talking about Batman, but I could be.


I found out about this today, Amazon is doing the thing we all wanted to do

Ala cart cable (link takes you to the full list if you have prime)


Live sports please.


So American Vandal Season 2 is just as good as Season 1 if anyone’s been curious about. Still in the Top 3 of Netflix shows out there cause it’s so amazingly cut, shot, told. Still funny, still compelling mystery, still very current messages about social media.


They have Thursday night football already.


Live sports worth watching please.


Better Call Saul keeps me invested every week. I do forward to seeing the threads that tie it to BrBa sinch closer and closer, but I also really like the story elements that it has developed that lead on their own paths. In part because I feel a lot of them will end up looping directly into the BrBa story in ways we just don’t see yet.

I really am interested in The First, but I don’t have Hulu and don’t want to start, but might be worth a trial period.


The Dragon Prince, on Netflix, by a bunch of Avatar and Star Wars alum, was outstanding. At first, the animation threw me off a bit, but after getting used to it, I was hooked.

Incredible show with fully fleshed-our characters, amazing art, a great story, and a world that I just want to know more about.

This show just hit it out of the park for me.


Through 3 episodes, The Young Pope is some weird shit.


Is it a comedy or what? It looks weird but fubny from the ads I’ve seen.


Not a comedy. It’s pretty dramatic.

It’s half Vatican political machinations, half what-is-this-dudes-deal. I get occasional Maithanet vibes from il Papa.


Definitely weird. Kind of absurdist and sincere at the same time. Irreverent, and yet, not atheistic or secular per say.

I was disappointed it was canceled, since it was different and interesting.


I thought Younger Pope was on?

Google seems to think so.


I recently watched Killing Eve & really enjoyed it. It’s in the same vein as Utopia (violent topic treated with an absurdist humor). A kind of Coen brothers flair with two bi women at the center.


Anyone check out the new Titans series? It’s on Netflix but only in other countries besides the US. For the US you have to subscribe to DC Universe streaming service.


Yea it’s coming out weekly, I saw the first eps, It wasn’t bad, though it was a jarring experience having just been watching Teen Titans Go, in Titans they are like killing folks brutally. We’ll have to see how it plays out, I also have to catch up on Clock and Dagger and finish Runaways.


Daredevil continues to be a garbage racist show.


Okay, this is news to me. I only watched the first season and a half of Daredevil. What is going on?