What TV Shows Are You Watching?


The “Monsters and Mana” episode in the newest season of Voltron is fantastic. The entire season 6 is just great.



Ooh, I really like that character design. I hadn’t even heard of this show yet.


It’s a remake/re-imagining of a 1980s cartoon, itself based off an even earlier Japanese show.

The show is made by the same people who made Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra.

Highly recommended.


I just watched all of Dirk Gently. Season 2 is so very good. It sucks that Landis is a bastard. I would love for Hulu to pick it up sans Landis.



We just finished watching The Hollow. It was a bit shaky to start, then it got really strong and kept rolling - and petered out in the last episode. It’s a neat idea, and they did a bunch of cool things with it, but they choked right at the finish.

Overall a B- show. I would recommend it, but it’s not “WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW” territory.

EDIT: We just finished watching the newest season of Voltron, and @jabrams007 is spot on. This one was fucking fire. Super good.

Netflix is committed to 78 episodes, so there’s still a good bit of show left. I have to wonder where they’re going next.


I’m digging “The Good Place.”

It escalates just quickly enough to not get stale, and I’m definitely getting some echoes of “Surface Detail” from what I’ve seen so far.


It is delightful.


Get ready for


Oh is this the one where he totally fucks with the NRA shill who got super mad about it?



quince caracteres


There’s a 10 minute clip up on the YouTubes.


If anyone hasn’t seen it already XD “Joe Walsh explains how he was pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen”


DreamWorks’ new She-Ra series premieres November 16.


I watched the first episode of Who Is America last night. Overall, I thought it was mostly just boring and ridiculous. Granted, I know the whole “shtick” of the show is to present a ridiculous idea or action and either get the people Cohen is talking with to agree with that idea/action, or to see their reaction. I guess I just don’t find that funny or entertaining.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or maybe it’s the current world we’re living in, but the whole idea of creating some ridiculous pretext to show the audience how stupid someone is just doesn’t appeal to me. What’s the point of meeting a privileged White Christian couple in North Carolina (or wherever) and then telling them about his fictional family or his wife having an affair with a dolphin just to get a response? It would be one thing to confront them about their privilege, to show the audience the flaws or hypocrisy of their beliefs, but Cohen doesn’t do that. Later on in the show, in the segment about giving guns to children, he does do that, but even then, I still didn’t enjoy it.

I don’t know, maybe the show just isn’t for me, but I was wondering what other people thought of it and whether they enjoyed it.



I haven’t watched it yet myself, but perhaps this is a bit of the same schadenfreude of “liberal tears” and “owning the libs” just coming from the other direction?


Nah, he gets left politicians too. But either way, it’s just his same schtick from his last version of this show, except with more characters, because Ali G doesn’t play that well anymore, so yeah, pretty tired.


Pose is so good.


GLOW season 2!!! :rainbow:


Killing Eve is excellent. Definitely lives up to all the hype.