What TV Shows Are You Watching?


An interesting take on the cancellation:

“The decision was made possible by something else—really someone else—who is not status quo: ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey, the first black woman to be the head of a major broadcast network. We can never know for sure what would have happened if a white person were in charge of ABC at this moment, but it strikes me that they would have been much more likely to administer the aforementioned wrist slap, continuing to put up with the polarizing circus act that is Barr. Dungey, instead, saw Roseanne’s tweet comparing a black woman to an ape for what it was: too much, too far, enough.”


Roseanne Barr has also been dropped by her agency. Good. Fuck her.


Trump voters have their nostalgia that they like too. Like slavery.


I doubt it. You know any place that toxic has a “No old fat chicks” policy.



According to Disney’s press release, Fox’s TV networks won’t be included in the buyout if it’s finalized. They’ll be separated from the company, so Fox can pick up as many bigots as they want without Mickey being a conflict of interest.


That’s because Fox wants to focus on its core business of being a foreign-funded propaganda company.


Over the long weekend, I finally managed to finish the second half of the first season of Star Trek Discovery. It was not without flaws, and the ending seemed a little rushed and under-cooked, but overall I enjoyed it. I can completely understand why some die-hard Star Trek purists might not like it.

For me though, I kind of just viewed it as an alternate reality version of Star Trek. I wish there was a version of Star Trek on TV that was closer to the ideals and values that I associate with the show, but I don’t think that makes Discovery bad, just different. I’m curious as to where they’ll take the show in its second season and whether they’ll hew more closely to the traditional Star Trek ethos. If they can manage that, and keep the more realistic characters and the season-long stories, instead of just being episode of the week, that would be the best of both worlds.



Yep, I would definitely describe Black Lightning as surprisingly good, seems to be getting better. Legion is in a class of its own. Runaways is alright, although it’s squarely in the teen drama category.


Cartoon Saloon (who made the excellent films from The Secret of Kells to The Breadwinner) is now making a series for Disney.


I just finished watching Taboo, a BBC show staring Tom Hardy. It was excellent. It’s about a man, presumed dead, who comes back from Africa and is caught in the crossfire and machinations between the British Crown, the newly free American States, and the East India Company.

I saw that a second season is coming in 2019, so I’m excited about that.


I also am definitely stoked for S2


That looks pretty good. I will put it on the list.


I highly recommend it.


Jessica Jones season 2 was top level Netflix Marvel. Not as good as season 1, but stays at a consistent level of quality. Also there’s zero crossover with Iron Fist or Defenders or any zombie ninjas, which is only a positive.


After hearing Rym mention it over a few shows, sat down and watched all of Made in Abyss.

Wow… That was something else.

Can anyone recommend more shows like that? After Madoka and One Punch Man I am craving another intense 10-13 episode anime hit. Something of that level of quality. Ie Fucking high.


From the New World.


Definitely this!


Sweet, thanks guys.