What TV Shows Are You Watching?


I don’t recommend Disenchantment at all. Coming from not just Groening but other great people in his wheelhouse like Josh Weinstein and David X. Cohen, it’s astonishingly safe and boring and dull. Very simple jokes at a sluggish pace. The central three characters are far too simplistic and generally unlikable who casually murder people in most episodes. Really lackluster worldbuilding. The only good bits are the great backgrounds and some of the voice acting.

It wouldn’t be fair to compare it to Futurama’s first season, cause I think it has one of the best first seasons of a Western cartoon ever. Great pilot and hits the ground running with jokes and development. First season of The Simpsons is clunky, but has a lot of heart and commits more to the pop culture satire. This is just basic medieval D&D stuff.


3 episodes in. My impression is more positive than this. I watched the first season of the Simpsons again last year, and the first season of Futurama again a few months ago. This is definitely closer to Futurama, but it’s its own thing (the jokes don’t have to be squished into 22 minutes - whether that’s better or worse I’m not really sure)

“Speak no more of Leavo”, “KING FIGHT,” the entire cocaine starting-a-band monologue, top-notch sign gags, “drive him mad with your indecisiveness” “… I don’t know”

The good shit’s still there, the jokes per minute are low. But I love when they have the confidence to do a too-smart wordplay joke and then just walk away from it. Alongside stupid shit like the king’s running joke about carefully inspecting things and elaborately narrating the process. The physical comedy on the lethal/disfiguring violence is 100% on-point.


I thought that was genius. Drug fueled improv at it’s best.


Insecure in HBO is back for season 3 and is as good as ever, if not better.

Also the podcast of Insecuri-TEA is back to. TV is so much better again.


Sharp Objects is incredible. I have been avoiding shows about rich people, especially rich white people, but this show is exceptional.



Season 2 dropped on Netflix and I went through the whole thing [of The Good Place]. Saying it now, that’s one of the best seasons of a comedy television show. I found Season 1 to be pretty enjoyable, but Season 2 goes places I never expected and pulls it off brilliantly. It just throws convention out of the fucking window. Loved what they did with Ted Danson’s character. The discussions over philosophy are so candid and the way the show incorporates them into the overall theme and plotting of some episodes are straight up glorious.

Can’t wait for Season 3.


It’s honestly the only show I’ve ever seen that will essentially completely reboot the entire show from one season to the next, and actually does it well.


VRV added a shit ton of classic Nickelodeon shows.

Shows available:

AAAHH!!! Real Monsters
All That
The Amanda Show
The Angry Beavers
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Clarissa Explains It All
Double Dare 2000
Hey Dude
Kenan & Kel
Legends of the Hidden Temple
The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo
Nick Arcade
Rocko’s Modern Life
Salute Your Shorts
The Wild Thornberrys


Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix is my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. It’s getting better each season as they develop the rules and game design to make it more fair, rigorous, and entertaining. It’s a show I could talk about for hours, and do with Juliane.


I watched a couple of episodes. I couldn’t help but compare it to American Ninja Warrior but with sillier mouse trap type challenges.
It reminded me of those old Nickelodeon shows like Guts and Double Dare. I do like the team aspect of it versus Ninja Warriors individual challenger. That and how each country has their own announcers and booths.


Watched half a season with spouse and we are loving it. The shade from each country’s commentators has me dying. I am rooting for anyone to see if they can achieve it. It’s also hilarious seeing people catch bad ones.


Season 3 is much better for big upsets and unexpected face plants. It’s way less “are you a professional climber? So go right to the final”, which was the theme of the first two seasons, and more “you’re going to have to not be stupid for a moment” and some non-climbers can make it.


Ok. I think we started on Season 3, “Survival of the Fittest”. WTF Netflix, not giving season numbers and names only. Had to make me google shit.

But yeah, climbers seem to do better than most.


Yep it’s the same for Ninja Warrior. The climbers always do better than anyone else. There have some gymnast that have done amazing as well.


Korea has the best commentators, though I am loving this guy doing England for S3, the flat matter of fact play by play with that voice is hilariously awesome.


For the entire run of every episode I’m right on the edge of “oh shut up commentators and let’s just see the action” but then I’m also grinning all the way through it, and cracking up at how bad the Brazilians are this season and giggling at home much the Italians and French constantly throw jabs at each other. And how much the Brazilians and Mexicans love each other.

Just got the final to watch now. My money is on the Mexican and the first Australian to be on the tower together.


The Salt that the Italians and the French have over the Mona Lisa, at first it’s bewildering and then it’s hilarious!



I love all the shade of the European nations. They have a long history with each other to throw shade and I love every second of it.