What TV Shows Are You Watching?


Shows on netflix that may shake up your list:

  1. Sense8
  2. Dark


Hopefully the Expanse gets picked up by another channel.

More and more though, it seems like these types of shows just can’t survive on a “normal” channel and need to be on a “prestige” channel like HBO, Showtime, FX, etc in order to survive.


I’m liking the Cobra Kai thing for light background stuff in between mech things.


Black Lightning is surprisingly good. Like really surprisingly good. I don’t think I lasted through more than two or three seasons of Arrow before stopping, and I never did bother to see the season finale of the first season of The Flash, but Black Lightning is a better show than both of those.

The combination of having complex characters, a good supporting cast, and an interesting setting and backstory make Black Lightning the best superhero show on TV right now (with the exception of Legion and the Netflix/Hulu shows). I honestly never thought I’d be typing that sentence.


Coming soon to Amazon Prime: The Adventures of Young Aragorn… (maybe):

“Amazon reportedly spent quite a chunk of change on securing the rights to make a Lord of the Rings series—try $250 million—but if new rumors about the plot are to be believed, that money won’t go to waste. Fan site TheOneRing.net tweeted Wednesday that it has confirmed with “multiple sources” that at least the first season of the prequel series will focus on Aragorn, which is a great choice on Amazon’s part.”


DreamWorks is making a new She-Ra series for Netflix. The poster looks pretty sweet.


It’s worth nothing this vs headlining with Netflix


Interesting… I wonder how it will compare to the early 2000’s He-Man reboot on Cartoon Network, which from what I recall was rather good (especially compared to the original 80’s version).

Looking back at the 80’s He-Man (and She-Ra, for that matter), about all I can say about them was that the [still] character designs and [still] background art were relatively good for the era, but other than that, they really had not much else going for them.


The Expanse, looks like it’s officially NOT DEAD after a massive campaign from diehard Beltalowda and Dusters and Screaming Firehawks around the world:


Well, when it comes to TV shows I’m not watching:


ABC was probably waiting for any excuse to jettison that toxic IP.


Why did they get it in the first place?


Maybe John Goodman just needed some day work?


From what I gather:

She was relatively well-behaved in public when the show was being put together. It’s a well-known IP that fits well into both the current political climate and the nostalgia-mining aims of the networks.

The show is shockingly popular, mostly among older people who still watch TV.

Fast forward a bit, and she lets on how crazy and dangerous she is in public.

I bet she ends up on either FOX News or Infowars within a couple months. Lower odds on FOX trying to buy the show. It’s red hot poison culturally: meaning a perfect fit for FOX.


I don’t know about that. I’m glad they’re doing it, but I’m surprised they cancelled the show. I just expected her to get a slight slap on the wrist and perform the usual Twitter Mea Culpa.

The Roseanne show was the number one rated show in the Nielsen ratings and averaged 19 MILLION viewers per episode. That’s a lot of money that ABC is throwing away.


Most of the statements ABC made can be summed up as:

“This was the right thing to do.”

Multiple show staff had already quit over the latest racist thing she did on twitter. But it wasn’t the first racist thing she did even in recent memory. It was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Their brand is worth more to them than the show. The show has been toxic to the brand for a while now. They were already facing the prospect of advertiser boycotts. While I haven’t seen a demographic breakdown of who was actually watching the show, I’d bet top dollar it’s primarily:

  • Older
  • White
  • Conservative
  • Rural/Suburban

It’s also worth noting that the show lost about half its viewers from the first episode of the revival season to the last…


I’m not sure if Infowars will pick it up, as I’m not sure they can provide the cash that production company behind the show (which is independent of her) would want.

Fox is somewhat more likely on the money front, but Disney, ABC’s parent, is also bidding against Comcast for ownership of Fox and apparently is the preferred buyer. I doubt Fox would pick up the show while the bidding is taking place if they’re honestly interested in Disney buying them. If Fox gets bought by someone other than Disney


Oh, I think they’ll try to pick HER up, not the show. :wink:


Oh, that is certainly a possibility then.


lol, it gets even better.

The show was only rebooted in the first place to specifically try and capture the Trump-voting demographic.

They did it for that awful audience. They got that awful audience, along with all the typical baggage that comes along with said audience. She is herself a conspiracy-flinging nutjob. The show’s main appeal was showing older awful parents sparring with their liberal children while humanizing the former.

The show’s approach to sociopolitical issues — its star and co-creator, Roseanne Barr, plays an unabashed Trump supporter who spars with her liberal sister, played by Laurie Metcalf — especially reverberated among heartland viewers. The top markets for the debut read like a political pollster’s red-state checklist: Cincinnati; Kansas City, Mo.; Tulsa, Okla. Liberal enclaves like New York and Los Angeles did not crack the top 20.