What TV Shows Are You Watching?


Damn, I was cautiously hoping that this would wind up being good.


It wasn’t trash, but it wasn’t good.


Has anyone else checked out the Aggretsuko show on netflix? I was hoping that they had brought the shorts over, but they apparently remade it into a proper anime.

I watched it with one of my friends and she got sucked into it, which never happens. It’s a pretty solid workplace dramedy.


I’ve watched two episodes - It’s pretty good

Edit - watched a few more, yeah, I’m pretty into it.


I started. I feel like it was made about my girlfriend specifically sometimes, which I mean, these office shows are usually supposed to be very relatable by design, but in this case it seems directly targeted.

I do feel that some of the characters are way too flat, even for this type of show, for me to really get into it. But it seems promising at 3 eps in.


Loooooooooved Aggretsuko. I prefer the dub. I would usually get worn on the characters, but I like that this is an ongoing plot versus the shorts which are all essentially the same gag. It was like watching the opposite of Dilbert where a workplace environment can actually be a place where you grow as a person, form bonds, and rightfully complain about your bosses. Any problems I had with some characters atleast developed as the show went on. Great binge-able show for Netflix.


Watching more Aggretusko, and I thought Director Ton sounded familiar. I was right, but it also turns out to be some amusing accidental typecasting.


Finished the final season of Star Wars Rebels. Great show with a great and satisfying ending!


Ugly Delicious is a newish show on Netflix is really good in a number of ways. Each episode is typically about a different food imported into the USA.

To get a real idea of it, imagine David Chang and friends going “Hey, here’s some food. Oh my god, America is racist. And here’s a chef. Oh my god, America is more racist than that. Here’s some other food. Oh my god, America is racist in ways I didn’t even understand before. Here’s a restaurant. Wow, America, why so racist all the time?” for eight episodes.


It’s about food, but it’s really about race.


One of the biggest highlights was when he was talking to the CEO of Domino’s and asking him about the quality of his Pizza. He said something to equivalent of “I’ve had Pizza all around the world, in the four original parts of Italy. I’d say if you order it on the right day at the right where everyone does their job and gives it to you hot and fresh, it’s up there with the best pizza in the world.” And David Chang is looking at him like “mf, are you for real…”


lol The CEO of Domino’s talking about good pizza.


I was gonna ask if it was going to be “American Chinese/Italian/etc… Isn’t REAL Chinese/Italian/etc” because that’s a crock, glad to see it’s not that.


And now a message from the CEO of Dominos.


Dear White People Vol. 2 solidifies my belief that it is the best piece of original programming on Netflix. The dialogue is so cutting and witty, the direction is stellar where every shot has purpose, and in this season they are really daring with their character focus and plot twists. Joelle and Kelsey got some really fantastic episodes in particular. INCREDIBLE CAMEOS. I don’t think there’s a show out there that is this accurate to explaining the current political/racial discourse and how important it is to understand that it can be abused. They dropped some incredibly modern references that happened this year and are tackling the alt-right on college campuses.

100% Recommend, watch the show now if you have not.

(Of the things I’ve seen) Current Rankings for Netflix Original Programming:

  1. Dear White People
  2. Master of None
  3. American Vandal
  4. Ugly Delicious
  5. Wild Wild Country
  6. Voltron: Legendary Defender
  7. Making of a Murderer
  8. Aggretsuko
  9. Stranger Things
  10. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories


Fox announced that they are cancelling Brooklyn Nine-Nine after 5 seasons. I had heard a bit of the show but only checked it out today after basically everybody on my twitter feed exulted how great the show is and how annoyed they were with the decision to cancel it. Two episodes in and that show is hilarious.

Edit: Apparently NBC has picked up the show.


The Expanse is so fucking good and it sucks that SyFy is not renewing it. I think it’s probably the best sci-fi TV show in the last 20 years.


Yea, That fucking sucks, and Sci-fi should die in a fire, hopefully Expanse gets picked up by a streaming service.


I have faith that Netflix or someone else will absorb the series. There is so much left they could tell.


What the hell? Expanse got cancelled. This current season has been so good too.

However, it was expensive to make and reportedly had lower ratings than other shows like The Magicians and Krypton, and, perhaps most importantly, Syfy only had the rights to its first-run live airings. That meant the network did not benefit from digital sales or streaming which can be a sizeable share for sci-fi shows.