What TV Shows Are You Watching?


Hey, one person’s cheesy garbage is another person’s guilty pleasure show.

You do you :slight_smile:


I’ve watched through every single Treehouse of Horror in preparation for a podcast recording. Some observational notes:

  • Treehouse of Horror V is still by far the best and one of the best Simpsons episodes of all time. What’s fascinating is that out of all the segments from the classic era of The Simpsons, “Nightmare Cafeteria” is completely original.

  • Treehouse of Horror II is so much better than I remember and likely 2nd. Bart’s segment is hilarious and Lisa’s predicted a lot of Simpsons hype.

  • Treehouse of Horror III is much weaker than I remember but still funny mostly due to the happy endings and atrocious animation that doesn’t sync with most of the dialogue.

  • James Earl Jones is one of the most underrated celebrity cameos in The Simpsons.

  • Treehouse of Horror IX is where the quality starts the fall as “Hell Toupee” and “Starship Poopers” are not very funny and use time very poorly.

  • Treehouse of Horror XIII is the last episode where every single segment is great.

  • “Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off” from Treehouse of Horror XIV has one of the best physical gags The Simpsons has ever done.

  • Beyond Season 15, the only good Treehouse of Horror segments that ever come up are “Dial ‘M’ for Murder or Press ‘#’ to Return to Main Menu” (A Hitchcock Parody), “Don’t Have a Cow, Mankind” (A 28 Days Later Parody), “Oh The Places You’ll D’oh” (A Dr. Suess Parody), and “School is Hell.” Everything else goes from meh to absolute unwatchable garbage.

  • There is a canonical Halloween episode from Season 27 called “Halloween of Horror” that is easily the best episode in decades. Features Homer and Lisa bonding, Lisa feeling like an 8-year-old again, great world/character building, fun song, and very satisfying ending. I’d recommend it to any Simpsons fan.


I don’t need to rewatch to know V is the best. One of the best Simpsons episodes period.


I just caught up with season three of Outlander. This show continues to bother me, yet I like it enough to keep watching. THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD.

Claire, as portrayed on the show, remains an unlikable character. She seems cold, selfish, and myopic. Jaime is less likable and more childish than in previous seasons, despite a 20 year leap forward. On top of that, the producers decided not to age the actors at all. 20 years go by and they look the same. Completely the same. Bad call. It is glaring and silly. Even with a single streak of grey in her hair, which she dyes before traveling back in time, Claire looks more like her 20-year-old daughter’s sister than her mother. Ultimately, I am watching more for the interesting side characters, the historical references, and the bit of fantasy mechanics employed in the time travel - but even that is waning.


How does Star Vs. the Forces of Evil get away with the things it does?


It’s weird how far the show has come from what it started as. With how they’ve made the monsters represent minorities and indigenous people with some actual follow-through feels apt culturally right now.


So I just finished Mindhunter, on Netflix. While I feel that the earlier episodes were unnecessarily graphic, and I question the decision to make another tv show about serial killers, I found the plot and acting engaging. Unlike a lot of shows centering on the topic, the show delves lightly into the social theory (mostly namedropping) in a fictionalized version of Robert Ressler’s study of serial killers. It’s well done, and worth watching, but serious trigger warning.


Also, I’ve been watching The Magicians. Holy shit, this is the darkest fanfic of every childhood magic fantasy rolled up with the fucked up psyches of the pervs who wrote some of them. Narnia, Harry Potter, Phantom Tollbooth? So you want to be a Wizard, Alice in Wonderland, Flowers in the Attic? Wizard of Oz, maybe a dash of non-euro stories… I don’t even know, it’s bonkers.

Anyway, it’s like Grimm’s Fairy Tales versus the Disney versions. Definitely another trigger warning here. It’s not perfect (what is?) but it captured my magical fantasy loving, yet also cynical, interest.


That is the first description of that show to make me want to watch it.


I would like to say that the second season (upon completion) is more in the vein of supernatural. It is a different show, and promises to be different again next season. I also think it can’t decide between being YA and being grown-up, which is also a theme.


I read the trilogy and found the show a crass and childish interpretation of the material.


I wouldn’t say crass and childish, but I would say toned down and intentionally different. They’re pulling elements from the books - all three, not just going in order - but they’re pulling a Hitchhiker’s Guide, and making the TV show it’s own self-contained thing rather than a slavish adaption.


I read the trilogy and watched the show. I actually prefer the show. The first few episodes were a bit CW-teen-drama-ish, but they moved past a lot of that. I particularly enjoyed the second season. The tone shifted and the characters matured quite a bit, while still maintaining interesting character flaws.

In the books, the characters were significantly younger while attending Breakbills and Quentin’s whining became insufferable. The show allows the other characters’ voices to be more present in the narrative, which is a vast improvement, IMO.



I just finished rewatching all of The West Wing. I have to say that my most recent watch through was less enjoyable than in the past. The show’s relentless sexism has long irked me, but that coupled with what now, in light of recent years, seems even more like incredibly naive, pie-in-the-sky politics ate away at my enjoyment of the show. It is quite dated now and my tolerance for sexism on screen is apparently dwindling.


I had a similar experience several years ago. That show doesn’t really hold up.


I’m about halfway through HBO’s Big Little Lies and it’s absolutely great. Not sure how much I like the gimmick of alluding to a murder at the beginning of the show, but not revealing who was actually killed, but otherwise, the mini-series is top notch. I’ve never been a huge Reese Witherspoon fan, but she’s absolutely great in this. And Nicole Kidman… oh my god, she’s just incredible.

I still have about three episodes to go, so I’m not sure how it will end, but I read that the show’s creators are already planning a second series, which could go either way considering that the original mini-series was based on a book, and that’s all there is. Any new content would have to be completely original and not an adaptation.

Regardless, if you like good quality TV, check this out.


Oh man, I watched one episode and was done. Made me think of bloodlines.


I haven’t seen Bloodlines, but I can see how people could bounce off Big Little Lies and not like it. None of the characters are particularly likable or sympathetic, and the entire world of the show, the uber-rich of California, can be pretty alienating.


Dark is the best show I’ve watched all year. It’s cerebral, full of character development, and really good at putting you on edge. If you love thrillers with a bit of sci-fi thrown in to season, definitely check it out. Fair warning that it will require you to pay close attention to get maximum enjoyment as there are a ton of characters and it’s in german.