What TV Shows Are You Watching?


I appreciated the less-than-hamfisted inclusion of Joe’s bi-ness, especially in the way he related to vulnerability and the other gay character (no spoilers).


Watching Star Trek Discovery, and I had a lot of doubts with episode 1 and 2, but 5 and 6 have been pretty good.


Gotham. It’s alright.


All this talk about Halt and Catch Fire has caused me to finally start watching the second season. I’m about 1/3 of the way through it so far and I’m loving it. As much as I love Lee Pace, I find his story line to be not anywhere near as interesting as what’s going on with Mutiny.


I think his storyline gets better as the show breaks him.


I’m very impressed with season four of Bojack so far.


I powered through Bojack and can confirm that it is by far the best season. Most enjoyably experimental and changes up the formula a bit. There are three episodes I’d put on tier with “Fish Out Of Water.” However, no more Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter dumb wacky subplots. They are not needed anymore and just get in the way.


I thought the latest series of Bojack was absolutely phenomenal. The attention to detail was amazing, you can look back and see clues to every plot point.


The two main flashbacks were beautiful and brutal.

I particularly love how they portrayed what was left of the grandmother after her… procedure.


The more I hear about Bojack the less I have any desire whatsoever to watch it, it sounds like a massive bummer.


Season 4 of Bojack provided one of the best depictions of depression and thought spirals in media.


Its poison is buffered by ridiculous hijinks and animal puns. It lets the show draw you deeper and darker than you realize. Then there aren’t any more puns, and you are alone with mundane and complex personal tragedy.


I finished the second season of Halt and Catch Fire last night. I really enjoyed it. I still think that the Mutiny plot is more interesting that Joe’s storyline, but I’m glad that the show seems to be taking him away from being a kind of Don Draper clone like he was in season one. I’m looking forward to season three and the change of scenery. Also, I know he’s somewhat of a minor character, but I love Toby Huss as John Bosworth.

Finally, maybe I’m just being crazy, but has anyone noticed that the credit sequence for this show, while certainly showing how a spark travels to light up the power light on a PC also looks very similar to a digital version of sperm impregnating an egg? Like I said, it could be just me, but besides the credit sequence literally showing the spark of light (inspiration), it also seems to be showing the birth and genesis of a new electronic and computer… something.

I don’t know.


Pretty sure that’s what it was going for :-p


Apparently, I’m not as crazy as I thought:

“We had a very long storyboarding process — much more extensive and iterative than usual. We created stacks and stacks of boards. Our amazing art director Eddy Herringson played with geometric shapes inspired by everything from Saul Bass to retro video games to sex ed videos. We bounced between digital sperm to missile command and back — all in 8-bit.”

Also, I did not know that a site like Art of the Title existed, but now that I do, I need to seriously read up about more awesome title sequences. This website is pretty awesome.


I guess I’ll have to pick this show up again, I was starting to watch it after a great NPR interview but I got distracted.


I’ll be honest, I thought the first season was good, but not great. Like I wrote above, the Joe McMillan character, at least in season one, came off as a “share-ware” Don Draper, i.e. a cheaper knock-off and of less quality than the retail version of a more popular game. That said, I like what they did with him in season two and I’m looking forward to seeing where the show will go in season three.

And for the record, I am mildly proud of myself for using the “share-ware” analogy in a discussion about a retro-computer show :slight_smile:


Gotham is mostly a collection of characters, which range in quality from “the Penguin being awesome” to the ever-tired “crazy bisexual femme fatal”. Unfortunately even Gordan kinda sucks.


I saw about four or five episodes of Gotham, realized that it was cheesy garbage, lamented that it wasn’t Gotham Central, and stopped watching.


Yeah, but I really, really like the Penguin in this.