What TV Shows Are You Watching?


I finished two miniseries this weekend. I finished watching Big Little Lies, which I absolutely loved and a British series called SS-GB.

Big Little Lies was excellent. The acting was just amazing and I really enjoyed the story. I don’t normally come across stories or issues like in Big Little Lies, so it was novel and unique, but I’m not sure if I would have enjoyed it if it had been a continuous series, as opposed to just a 7 episode miniseries. The acting from all the women leads was just outstanding, and the show deserved all of its Emmy wins.

SS-GB was good, but a little too slow to be great. I forget where I heard of this, but it’s another alternative history show where the Germans win the Battle of Britain and take over the country. The show takes places in 1941 and the United States still doesn’t want to go to war, while Germany and the Soviet Union have made peace. I haven’t seen the Man in the High Castle, but SS-GB seems thematically similar. It was good, but it won’t blow anyone away.


Yeah, I’m really liking it, too.


I once started reading a novel called SS-GB, so I guess that’s what has now been made into a TV show. I only got a few chapters in, and realised it wasn’t my kind of thing. I was hoping for weird alternative history like Man in the High Castle, but the story was set too close to the alternate branch, and not enough difference things had taken place in the story’s history yet. It’s probably the story I’d enjoy much more as a TV show.


Ahh, Dark is quite good. It’s rewarding for those who pay attention to little details, there are clues everywhere! I was a bit dismayed at how terrible everyone’s memory is. I’m also sad it just came out, and I binged it, and now I have no more episoden. Also Netflix defaulted to playing it in English dubbing, so I had to switch it to German (there’s a narrated German version too) with subs.


I finished binging the second season of The Crown. I generally don’t give a fig about British Royalty, but the acting and detailed character studies drew me in to the first season and the second season deepened and enriched the vivid character depictions - each character is portrayed as unfailingly human. It can go a bit over the top, as any family drama might, but that is part of the enjoyment, too.

I particularly enjoyed an episode that juxtaposed Philip’s childhood with Charles’s childhood. It not only beautifully explored a classic father-son dynamic, but painted an image of the drastically different attitudes, outlooks, and needs of a child brought up in the midst of a war and a child brought up in peaceful luxury without ever pointing to one perspective as being more valid or worthy.

I neither know nor care how accurate the series may be. I am just enjoying the characters.


So Major Crimes just ended. I’ve been watching that show for years; it’s not jaw-droppingly amazing but I liked it. Was something my mom and I enjoy watching together.

And they completely ruined the last season, and I’m mad about it.


I got Amazon Prime again to watch Lucifer Season 3 over the christmas break and realised I stopped mid-season 2. Watching the remaining of season 2 and all of season 3 so far is interesting a lot of the normal silly supernatural procedural stuff. They had some very bottle episodes (including an episode which introduces a character’s husband just to kill him by the end) in season 3 and it seem to be spinning its gears for the mid season reveal


That the new Police Commissioner is Cain and was also the person actually instructing “The Sinnerman” the silly name makes the reveal a bit better.


Any opinions of Electric Dreams? I absolutely love Black Mirror, but cautious that this could be a rushed cash-in on the anthology craze. I also, shamefully, have not read that much Phillip K Dick, so I don’t know these stories. Curious if I should just read them, rather than watching this show.


I made it about 15 minutes into the first episode. Maybe one of these days I’ll give it another chance 🤷. It might have been fine if it wasn’t trying to market itself as “more Black Mirror”. I just remember the dialogue and delivery being rough, and everything feeling kinda rushed.


I downloaded season one of The Good Place. I’ve heard good things. After my 14 hour flight I’ll tell you more!


I feel like I am in a huge minority in my dislike of Black Mirror. To me it just smacks of cynical wannabe edgy technological alarmism, something I would expect of my parents generation. CELL PHONES ARE BAD! SOCIAL MEDIA IS BAD! Etc.


I used to like it, but by about the end of season 2, I was kind of sick of it. “What if this thing that is popular…WAS ACTUALLY BAD?” I mean yeah okay, and there’s a few standout episodes, but it’s been four seasons, it’s getting a little one-note.


I still quite like Black Mirror. Some of the episodes fall a little flat, which has been the case since the show began, but every season has had several episodes that raise worthwhile and interesting questions.

I can agree that it’s running out of steam, but I think there’s potential for a few more good episodes yet.


The Good Place season one was pretty good. Some interesting twists along the way, most of which I guessed, but the final twist is pretty genius, and now I’m super interested in season two. Thankfully that’s on Netflix already, though I probably won’t have 14 hours spare to binge watch it all in one night.


I just finished season two, and it’s even better than season one, and builds on the base premise in a pretty interesting direction, I think you’ll like it.

Plus, bonus points for mentioning Brisbane, and even pronouncing it correctly.


Last week I met someone who was trying to pretend they were Australian. Their accent was pretty good but I picked up they were lying when they mispronounced “Melbourne”.


That’s such a bizarre thing. Why would they pretend to be Australian? I’m not going to say it’s that bad being Australian, but it’s hardly an aspirational goal for most folk.

City names are a pretty good Australian shibboleth, though, Cairns, Melbourne, and Brisbane being the usual ones.


On cruise ships people get bored and try out all kind of things. Pretending to be another nationality is a very minor joke to play when meeting someone in the bar for the first time.


Ah, fair enough then. In that context, it makes a lot more sense - I can imagine how folk would get bored, and do something like that for laughs. I mean, why not, chances are you won’t see most of these people again, and if you do, hey, it’s a minor joke that folk could look back on and have a giggle about.


Season 2 isn’t actually over yet, but I agree with y’all.

I’d say “pretty good” is about right for Season 1; it’s good enough to keep you watching and get its hooks into you, and then, fortunately, Season 2 steps things up and doesn’t let you down, at least so far.