What TV Shows Are You Watching?


Started watching Frontier, in that I saw the first episode on a transatlantic flight with nothing better to do. But I’ve been home for almost 2 weeks now and I have yet any desire to go back to it.

It has some things going for it but I’ve seen the period done better, don’t care about anyone, no one seems to have any motivations except the obvious bad guy who has a generically bad motivation, the enforcer bad guy is just a tool who has no sympathetic traits or potential for redemption that I could care about, nor does he seen like a viable threat.

There isn’t one character that I wanted to see more of, so I wont.


I would not recommend watching Iron Fist, unless you’re a Marvel Netflix completionist. Saying that Finn Jones fighting in both Iron Fist and the Defenders was “passable” is being very generous in my opinion. I don’t even want to get started about how unlikable Danny Rand is in both Iron Fist and the Defenders.

Concerning him being able to use his power in both hands, at least one time in the Iron Fist show, he powers up both fists. @cremlian might be able to back me up on this. He doesn’t do this at all in the Defenders. In general, for a character named “Iron Fist,” Danny Rand rarely uses his power in either the Iron Fist show or the Defenders.


They don’t put Danny Rand in it, but they do have a brief moment of a previous iron fist in a very similar costume. Doesn’t really count, but it is there.

Nah, I think you’re thinking of the aforementioned previous iron fist. Danny’s better superhero detector never lights up on both hands, only the old iron fist we see for like 20 seconds in a video has it.


The one that smartly stayed and finished his training instead of running away after eating the heart of a dragon ;-p


Stay in school kids so you can have fists like steel by the time you go to college.


You’re probably right and I’m misremembering. I could have sworn that Bokuto, when he was showing Danny how to use his powers, got him to power up both fists.

Regardless, the show is crap and the character is terrible.


I know in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon (which had a younger Iron Fist) he started the series only being able to use his right hand. Later on in the show he was able to use both after going back to Kung-lung.

It would not surprise me that this might have been an arc in the comics.


It makes perfect sense if you are - the small video section I’m talking about is right around that point in the show, if not being shown to Danny Rand and his glowing hand by Bakuto, so I wouldn’t be surprised.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is back on the air baby! Can’t get enough of those incredible songs.



Been binging Halt and Catch Fire. It’s really good so far. It was canceled after 4 seasons, I think, my guess is terrible marketing. Admittedly I am a sucker for Lee Pace, since The Fall (movie).


I absolutely love that movie! The visuals are just breathtaking.


I really enjoyed the first two seasons, but the third season declined greatly, IMO. I haven’t gone back to watch the fourth season yet.


I had a feeling that might happen. Only watched the first two but I could feel the well drying.
@jabrams007 it is hands down my favorite movie


In general, I feel like Lee Pace is criminally underrated. He’s such a good actor.

Concerning the Fall, I just remember seeing the trailer somewhere and just being blown away by how good it looked, both the actual visuals, and the movie in general. It certainly didn’t hurt that the trailer was set over Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, which is one of my favorite pieces of classical music.

When I finally saw the movie, I was not disappointed at all. I just wish I had been able to see in an actual movie theater on a big screen.


Halt and Catch Fire I thought was still pretty good in the 3rd season. Gonna have to get into the last one and see what it has in store.

I mean I think 4 seasons for what this show is, and for the structure it has, is pretty good. While the cast and setting is great there’s only so many episodes of juice without drastically altering the base formula on a fundamental way. Maybe if certain characters had split off more definitely into other lanes each with their own networks of people, there would be some direction to work with each character’s individual qualities in those new pools. I don’t want to get into dem spoilz, but, it seemed every attempt at breaking into a new direction was mitigated perhaps by a sense that the story would not have the room to grow such.

I’m looking forward to what Mackenzie Davis does next. And Pace. And fuckit, basically anyone from the cast.


Episode two of Bojack’s current season was beautiful.


That season only gets better.


We can definitely agree on both of those counts. Beethoven’s 7th is the fucking bomb, and easily a reason I immediately fell in love with the movie.

I had no idea he played Thranduil, because all that white hair distracted from the eyebrows. They are really good eyebrows.

I watched the third season & liked how much I hated some of the characters, while being invested in them regardless. And seeing how things I picked up on in S1 “festered and rotted” as the show went on. @SWATrous absolutely recognize that the show’s formula was both its strength and weakness. You kind of wonder if the theme that pervades the storyline was also present in the creative process. Good TV is hard, especially when it’s fast paced, centered on conflict, without finite boundaries. I can’t think of a indefinite series that didn’t flounder.


The first episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was a fantastic bit of fun. If you have Amazon Prime, give it a watch.