What TV Shows Are You Watching?


It’s so bad but I couldn’t stop watching. I love and hate it.


I watched them on Saturday, as you say they were entertaining enough. Fortunately it has been renewed and the second batch will be eight episodes long.


just binged taboo. it is wild, and despite some flaws, rather good.


The Netflix show Ozark is pretty good, and satisfies the same kind of itch as Breaking Bad. It’s not flawless, but engaging and super well directed. I’m not sure how racist the portrayals of redneck and hillbilly stereotypes are.


I have never liked competitive reality shows, I only watch cooking videos if I want to learn how to make something, and I cannot abide Gordon Ramsey’s TV persona, but I can’t get enough of Master Chef Jr. It isn’t because the show is particularly good, it isn’t. However, the children areso immensely talented, often clever and self-possessed, and genuinely compassionate and supportive of one another that is a strange balm in world that constantly chafes and harms. If a child needs help, another child steps in to help and encourage. When two children are eliminated, the group rallies around them. They congratulate each other and never badmouth one another. Not a single child has said, “I am not here to make friends,” which seems to be the theme of most adult competition shows. In fact, the children often reflect on the wonderful friendships they’ve made as well as the skills they’ve learned. It is genuinely changing my outlook and attitude, which have become rather bleak and hard in my current political reality.


I agree so much. I obviously enjoy watching and engaging in serious competition very much. I do not enjoy when the competitors have a bad attitude. If I’m going to watch some TV I want to feel good. If there’s some scumbag, that just makes me mad instead, especially if the scumbag wins.


I can only say that America gets, for some reason, the worst version of Gordon Ramsey. Like the worst edits to make him seem like this permanent ball of rage and ball bagery. To say nothing of the other judges on Master Chef USA. By comparison he is lovely in Master Chef Australia and UK. And very understanding in the Kitchen nightmares UK. He is also a dream with Master Chef junior. Its a real kicker that so many of my American friends only know him as this pissed off dude who shouts and throws things. When for the most part he is a really lovely guy.

Then again my old head chef trained under him and said that the TV stuff is all bollocks for ratings and the bloke is really lovely so go figure.

If you like Junior Master Chef really check out the Great British bake of. It is middle England in a scone. Merry Berry is the grandmother you want, and Paul is one larger shandy away from your dancing uncle. Oh and River Cottage. Dear lord River Cottage with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is the best cooking program going (well its stopped now but you get what I mean). He is all about living off the land, organic and sustainable produce and growing your own food. Its truly amazing TV. He also has a lovely dog.

I should add that during Uni I watched far to many cooking shows to take my mind off the middle ages.

Edit; for someone who wants to move into editing work I am terrible at proofreading my own dross.


Kitchen Nightmares UK was so good. I also watched one episode of Great British Bake-Off, but I haven’t gotten around to watching more.


Really check out River Cottage it is so calming.


BBC America shows episodes of Kitchen Nightmares UK, and he behaves the same way in that as Kitchen Nightmares US. Honestly, my issues with him have more to do with these:

His TV persona seems to match with his behavior in the incidents above.

I tried The Great British Bake Off, and any bit that wasn’t Sue Perkins was just dull. Posh Nosh is more what I want from a cooking show - a comedy sketch with Richard E. Grant. To each their own, though.


That’s pretty fair reasons to dislike the man. I genuinely didn’t know half that stuff.


watch cleverman.


To each their own, but I hated Cleverman. I thought the show was dull and didn’t really do anything with its story premise. Even worse, the main character, the younger brother, was terrible and completely unlikable. I could never forgive him for what he does in the beginning of the show.


I’ve started watching the first season of insecure & really enjoying it. I’m not usually into comedy shows because it can be neurotic and canned, but this show feels honest.


Yep. I’ve seen the first 2 episodes so far and plan on listening to the Insecuri-Tea Podcast as well. It has Crissle from The Read on it.


Nuri and I just watched the first season of a Norwegian comedy on Netflix called Norsemen:

It’s a straight-faced Pythonesque style of humor - no goofiness or slapstick, lots of dry wit.

It’s only 6 half-hour episodes. Totally worth watching. There is a second season filming right now, so that’ll pop up eventually.


Trying to get through Bojack Horseman Season 3 and 4. God, with the exception of “Fish Out of Water” this show is so insufferably mediocre and pandering.

So much of this show is Bojack is awful, but gets bailed out by people who have infinite patience for him or by the tone-deaf wacky zaniness of Todd and Mr. PeanutButter. He’s a terrible character that the show constantly asks us to sympathize with or go “You know, you are sad cause of childhood trauma.” This show just has this infuriating way of reminding people about the themes of depression and “Hollywood is Awful” when it’s stunningly obvious. It almost has an obsession with both being a terrible sitcom and maudlin melodrama when it can be so much more. The animal element is so criminally underused with the exception of admittedly really well told animal puns and visual gags.

Also, this show doesn’t get a pass for being “a talking animal show” and having these themes. Better examples of exploring mental illness exists in say…Anomalisa, Rick and Morty, Morel Orel, Don Hertzfeld’s World of Tomorrow. This is just really poor satire with glimpses of occasional, nearly accidental brilliance.


Yeah, one of my coworkers was singing praises of it and I decided to give it another shot. I got like 5 episodes in instead of one, but I just don’t feel anything hooking me. The jokes aren’t really landing. I get what it’s going for but it’s just not something I want to watch.

On the other hand I’ve been strangely getting into the new Tick. I only really ever watched the cartoon as a kid but didn’t have much reverence for it. I was initially offput by the way they frame the Tick in the new one, but I felt myself thinking about it a decent amount afterwards and went back to it. I also watched some of the Patrick Warburton version which I vaguely remember. Beyond some jokes that really don’t fly nowadays it’s kinda entertaining. But I think I’d recommend the new one, and this is coming from someone who can’t stand super hero TV shows.


Bojack is pretty good, but then again I think Rick & Morty is awful.


The new Tick is incredibly fun. It’s definitely a reaction to all types of cinematic superhero movies (especially DC) using that Venture Bros. type of commentary. Peter Serafinowicz plays The Tick more in that Adam West style rather than the cartoon or Patrick Warburton version. Really love the world it has set up. And it’s only six episodes, so anyone could get through it in an afternoon.