Video game offers


Who remembers GFWL? Then when Microsoft had Steam and GFWL versions of the same game, that were incompatible online.

As long as the games function as you would want them too, I don’t mind installing multiple stores. But Microsoft… holy fuck…


GFWL is gone, but you can get games on the windows store or the apple store. Also EA and Ubisoft have stores, but I’m not installing that shit.


They’ve fixed that, and then some. Nowdays, Not only do they do PC/Xbox crossplay pretty commonly for their first-party titles, when you buy an eligible(usually first-party) game on Xbone or Windows store, you get it’s equivalent on the other platform.


But isn’t this what computers are for? Installing programs? What’s the issue with installing programs? Am I missing something?


Seems kind of silly to have so many stores installed. Would you install 5 different word processors?

Also, all these store apps are full of ads, tracking, privacy invading, DRM, and generally bad stuff. Fewer is better.


I have something like nine or ten different word preocessors and text editors.

All the rest of those issues seem to be the same issues with the internet and modern computing anyway. Do you think you are being tracked zero amount without any game stores installed? And that installing a new store makes all the difference?

Seems like you are intentionally making your life worse for now reason.

Anyway, I’m skipping out of this thread unless I have the idea that any discussion with Scott is worth anyone’s time, including my own.


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