Video game offers


To maximize cycles, use arms for one small task and try to put your entire process in one direction, so it clears itself for the next molecule to start.


Low cost is often a matter of using a single arm, a fuser, and a 2-length track, then doing the tedious work of designing a long sequence.


So apparently Shadow Warrior 2 is free on


This Opus Magnum game is exactly the game I should never play, as I can see it draining hours of productive time from my life.


Especially if you’re serious about the friend list leaderboards.


The newest and pretty much the best Tekken game since at least Tag 1 is on sale on the humble store. I am confident in saying this is my favorite fighting game in the past 5 or 6 years.


Blood Bowl 2 - Legendary Edition is on Humble Store for $18, which is the lowest price it’s had so far on Steam as well:

The legendary edition was released on Sep 5 2017; it comes with all the races/teams, some of which initially came out as DLC.

The AI is terrible but online play is quite enjoyable; if enough people are interested I would totally be up for an FRCF Blood Bowl league.


Imwant to, but do I have time and commitment necessary…


DLC all-inclusive, I’m in.


Fallout 4 getting cheap. Down to $15. I don’t think that is a complete edition with all DLC, though.


Destiny 2 is free for PC on right now, for the next 11 days:

I think this prior quote pretty much applies:


I’m having a blast playing with friends tbh, so I’m glad I gave destiny a chance. At least until later this week when Warframe releases their Fortuna expansion.


Is Firewatch worth $5?


Yes, absolutely.


PM me for free Small World 2 Steam code.




Subnautica is free on the Epic Games Store. I played it for a few hours and it’s really good fun so far. Totally worth the price.


I want to try it because its by the same people that made Natural Selection. I just really don’t want to install yet another store on my PC.


Competition is good. More stores are good. I now can get free games from two different places. Good.


Competition is good, but it would be better if all the stores didn’t need apps installed. GoG is good because it doesn’t need the appointment, even though they have one.

Steam,, Twitch, GoG, now Epic. It’s too many.