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Crusader Kings II is free on Steam:


I downloaded it, opened it, started the tutorial, and spent about an hour reading every single menu option and trying to figure out what anything did before giving up and deleting it.


Mostly my reaction, but I tried harder to the tune of 8 hours.


CK2 is one of those games with a learning cliff, not a curve. The best way I found to get competent with it is watch a ton of tutorial videos.


I mean people have said that’s true of dwarf foretress but I beg to differ. Df is relatively easy to learn how to do basics.


DF also isn’t CKII. Dwarf Fortress is at least intuitive. CKII isn’t even that.


Did you really call Dwarf Fortress intuitive? C’mon man. That’s a bit of a stretch.


I’d argue that it’s more intuitive than any Paradox game I’ve played.


The basics are easy to get. They’re not intuitive at all… not even a little bit, but if you are willing to look up how to dig, build a wall and build a workshop, congratulations, you’re now playing DF.

My only reason for bringing it up was to contrast it with the ‘learning cliff’ of CK2, mentioned earlier.

DF is another game that’s said to be hard to learn and I’m wondering if we could reach a consensus as to whether CK2 is easier or harder to get into.


I think CKII clicks for some people. My girlfriend hadn’t played any Paradox games beforehand (and doesn’t play many videogames in general) but studied medieval history in college, and she spent three straight hours diving into papal politics her first playthrough.


That’s not me, obviously. There are so many switches and buttons to twiddle, and figuring out how they all interact was almost impossible. The actual gameplay was not even visible when I got into the game. I couldn’t decide what I was supposed to DO.

Capturing counties is presented as the general goal, but i spent an hour reading the “tutorial” and has no clue what I was supposed to do it how to do it beyond twiddling switches.


I’ve seen some of the least grognardian folks pick up CKII and run with it for hundreds of hours. I’ve tried to put those same people into a game like EUIV or much simpler like Civ and they say it’s not intuitive. I think what the main thing we’re running into is that CKII is approaching a deep simulation where you need to have extreme interest in medieval politics and relationships and your standard ideas of how to play a grand strategy game are butting heads.

I’m frankly shocked that DF could be called intuitive in any sense of the word! I literally spewed my tea when I read that. I was able to attack and take over the next county in CKII in my first I-hadn’t-even-run-the-tutorial-yet play through and yet I find making a new game of DF an exercise in frustration.


I think I talked about this in passing previously, but I guess one thing that makes Crusader Kings 2 easier to get into than some other Paradox or just strategy games is the focus on character. You are a character and there are other characters, some who like you and some who hate you and in the end it’s mostly about that web of relationships. It’s lot easier to think “as a king of France, what do I want to do”, rather than “as the abstract concept that’s known as France, what do I want to do?”


Right now Twitch Prime has a deal where you can get 500 bits for $1. This means you can give $1 to Amazon who will then give $5 to your favorite streamer.

Anyone got any suggestions for some less popular, but high quality, streamers who could use the bits?


I’ve been checking out some coding and reverse engineering streams lately. scanlime, ferrisstreamsstuff, and noopkat.




Definitely BossDoors, they’re good folk.


Halfcoordinated, as well.


I’ll second that. He’s always in my Top 5 runs during any GDQ he’s in.